16-ft crocodile named Osama is believed to have killed 83 people in a small Ugandan town called Luganga over 14 years.

Osama, 75-year-old crocodile is alleged to have killed a tenth of Luganga’s population while dwelling in Lake Victoria, Africa’s largest lake between 1991 and 2005.

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Osama allegedly waited along the lake’s shore before snatching his victims, which included children as young as 12, and pulling them to the lake’s bottom.

Locals in Luganga believed Osama to be immortal due to his incredible strength, and one villager came up to the Sydney Morning Herald in 2005, just after Osama was caught and rescued from the lake, about the murder of his brother.

One day, Paul Kyewalyanga was rowing a boat with his brother Peter when Osama suddenly struck, leaped into the boat, and grabbed Peter.

“Osama just emerged from the water vertically and flopped into the boat.

“The back of the boat where I was sitting was submerged.”

The terrified fisherman claimed he yelled for help, but the crocodile reportedly used its huge jaws to grab hold of Peter’s leg and start pulling at him in an effort to drag him into the water.

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“Peter was clutching the side screaming. They fought for about five minutes until I heard a tearing sound.

“Peter shouted, ‘He’s broken my leg.’ Then he let go and was dragged into the lake.

“A few days later we found his head and his arm.” – Paul explained.

Osama was finally captured in 2005 after locals and wildlife authorities joined forces to use cow lungs to entice the crocodile out of the lake’s depths.

Osama was kept alive and is currently a part of a breeding program, as stated at the time by Alex Mutamba of Uganda Crocs.

According to reports, Osama unintentionally bit onto a snare which snaked around his teeth as he jumped up to grab the lungs.

The photos below shows how the struggling Crocodile was harnessed with ropes and lifted onto a pick-up truck’s bed.

16ft Crocodile Named ‘Osama’ Finally Caught After Eating 83 Villagers In Uganda

16ft Crocodile Named ‘Osama’ Finally Caught After Eating 83 Villagers In Uganda

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