Is Adele In Love With Drake Or Is It Just A Friendship?

The “Easy on Me” singer, whom the Toronto rapper calls “one of my best pals in the world,” has voiced his respect for him. 

He was recently seen cheering her at the taping of her CBS special, “Adele One Night Only,” and she has often raved about her feelings for him.

In an interview with “Spout Podcast.” The 15-time Grammy winner opened up about their close friendship

“We have obviously confided in one another… She told anchor Tamara Dhia, “I absolutely have confided in him on how I want to do things.” “But he’s fantastic, he’s absolutely amazing.” 

Adele revealed that she spoke with Drake before the release of 30 in order to get his advise. 

“We definitely spoke about it this time because no one has ever released songs during a global pandemic,” she remarked. “We always talk about work and get each other’s opinions on it and stuff like that.”

As two of the biggest stars on the planet, they share a unique bond. “One of the reasons I love being friends with him is being able to have access to someone that really does know a lot of what it’s like to be you and stuff like that,” she said. “He decides everything and it can be quite daunting sometimes to make sure that you’re across all of that stuff.”

A year before the world heard 30, Adele played her album for Drake. But Drake didn’t give Adele any advance listens of Certified Lover Boy. “Oh no. He didn’t share the whole thing with me,” she said. “But I heard a couple snippets of it and stuff like that. But I love that record.”

Adele is on track to dethrone her friend for the biggest debut of the year. 30 is expected to sell over 800,000 equivalent album units, surpassing the record held by Drake’s Certified Lover Boy, which opened with 613,000 in September.

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