Comedienne Afia Schwarzenegger has tried to impose on the Asante tribe for her jacket beef with Kumerican actress Mercy Asiedu and her crew. 

Afia Schwarzenegger started the story by making videos criticizing Aseidu and the Asantes for wearing winter jackets to Dubai. 

Mercy Asiedu’s crew, who were wearing jackets on their way to Dubai, saw the socialite’s troll videos in a subliminal shot.

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Afia Schwarzenegger was taken to the cleaners by the 13-member crew for taunting them. She responded as expected, and she didn’t only go after the 13 crew; she also went after their tribe. 

Mercy Aseidu had to quickly return to respond to Queen Schwar’s insults to her and the entire Asante tribe. 

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Afia Schwarzenegger came back again and slammed Asantes as filthy people who needed to learn their manners.

In a previous video, Afia claimed that she wasn’t targeting Mercy Asiedu’s crew because they were wearing sweaters rather than winter jackets owing to the hot temperature in Dubai.

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She went further by telling them that they should know the difference between sweater and winter jacket and stop thinking the subliminal shots that aren’t meant for them.

“I wanted not to continue with this but let me make clear to you Asante people, there is difference between winter jacket and sweater 

“You people always buy second used items  and you claim it winter jacket so you better keep your mouth shut She remarked


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