Kumchacha has descended on Afia Schwarzenegger and Diamond Appiah following Tracey Boakye’s marriage.

In a recent interview, the popular man of God Kumchacha made it clear that Afia Schwarzenegger and her close friend Diamond Appiah secretly envy Tracey’s marriage.

Afia Schwarzenegger & Diamond Appiah Are Secretly Envious Of Kumchacha Reveals
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Kumchacha asserts that despite appearing in public as if she is thrilled with the marriage, Afia Schwar is not truly happy for Tracey Boakye.

“Afia Schwarzenegger and Diamond Appiah are secretly envious of Tracey’s marriage because they aren’t genuinely excited for her”— he claimed


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Kumchacha explained that, both Afia and Diamond Appiah are actively looking for ways to gather evidence against Tracey Boakye whenever there is beef between them.


In addition, he warned Tracey Boakye not to fall for Afia Schwar’s usual gimmicks because she had been in previous divorce-related marriages and knows perfectly well that she can’t offer any sensible to advice Tracey

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