Appreciate Your Natural Body – Kenyan Model Sidika Advises Young Ladies After Wrong Surgery

Appreciate Your Natural Body - Kenyan Model Sidika Advises Young Ladies After Wrong Surgery

Kenyan socialite and media personality, Vera Sidika has advised young ladies not to be deceived by peer pressure into engaging in social vices that will make their lives miserable in the near future. 

This was revealed when the entrepreneur, Vera Sidika, took to her official Facebook page on Wednesday, October 5, 2022, following her most recent surgery to reduce her Liposuction Butt size urging young ladies to appreciate their natural bodies. 

The 33-year-old entrepreneur revealed the reason for her surgery, stating that medical complications she was experiencing in her life prompted her to remove the silicon implanted at her well-endowed backside.

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“THE REBIRTH …This has been the hardest phase in my life, Due to health risks & complications , I had to undergo surgery. It’s Still very unbelievable But I’ve come to terms with it & learnt to love myself regardless. Ladies; pls learn to love yourself & don’t ever let peer pressure rush u into things that will ruin you in future. I’m lucky to be alive, God loves me so much.🥺🙏 Honestly It’s been pretty hard, I didn’t even celebrate my bday this year, but here we are. Happy birthday to me. New me. I’ve come to appreciate life & never take things for granted. Thanks to my family, especially my husband for being there for me 🙏

To my fans: I am still the same sweetest Vera Sidika and that hasn’t changed. I appreciate y’all love & support & pray you will walk through this journey with me.

I will be posting my surgery journey videos here, for those who have been thinking of getting booty surgery or changing anything on their bodies this might change your mind.Peace & Love —Sidika posted 

Sidika also posted a video on Thursday, October 2022, showing her at the hospital for a checkup and doctors examining her after a successful butt removal surgery.


Part: Preparations. I had to undergo a series of tests before the procedure so the doctors could assess me.🥺 the many wires in my chest & leg is called ECG Test for the heart. I didn’t focus much on this since my main concern was the actual surgery. Which I got my anesthesiologist to film. I will b posting the full theater video here tomorrow, it’s clearer even though I was unconscious. But I’m sure This will truly help many girls out there trying to go down that path. If you’re alive & well. Thank God. Never take it for granted. I was given a second chance to start over, stay alive before it got worse. 🙏 I might not have the body y’all are used to seeing but I am alive & nothing beats that.—- Sue captioned the video 



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