Asamoah Gyan Divorces Wife: Court Grants Ex-Wife Two Houses, Cars And Land As Settlements

Asamoah Gyan Divorces Wife: Court Grants Ex-Wife Two Houses, Cars And Land As Settlements

Asamoah Divorce Wife: Asamoah Gyan’s ex wife has been awarded with GHC25,000 monthly stipend, mansions, cars and land as divorce settlements, according to report on Tuesday October 31, 2023.

This comes after Accra High Court awarded properties including a house in the United Kingdom, a four-bedroom house in Spintex, Accra, a filling station, and two cars, to Gifty Gyan, the ex-wife of former Ghana captain Asamoah Gyan in their divorce case.

The court presided over by Hafisata Ameleboba JA, further granted a maintenance fee of GHC 25,000 cedis per month to be paid to Gifty.

Why Asamoah Gyan Divorce His Wife?

The legal battle ensued after Asamoah Gyan filed for divorce, denying paternity of their three children and requesting a DNA test. However, the DNA results confirmed that all the children are indeed the legendary footballer’s biological offspring.

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In the court’s judgment, it held, based on the evidence presented, that the marriage between Gifty Gyan and Asamoah Gyan, celebrated in 2013, was valid and still in effect, despite an earlier paper marriage in 2002 when Gifty was 17 years old. The court issued a decree of nullity, annulling the 2013 marriage.

Furthermore, the court acknowledged the uncontroverted evidence indicating that the parties had been in an amorous relationship since 2003 and had two children before formalizing their union through an ordinance marriage.

Regarding Gifty Gyan’s substantial contributions to the acquisition of Asamoah Gyan’s properties, the court held that her caregiving responsibilities and living arrangements with the children, while Asamoah Gyan pursued his career, entitled her to a share of the assets.

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Gyan, Ghana’s all-time leading scorer with 51 goals, and the record African scorer in World Cup history with six goals, announced his retirement from football in June.

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