Ayisha Modi Confesses Of Killing Over 200 People In The USA – VIDEO

Ayisha Modi Confesses Of Killing Over 200 People In The USA - VIDEO

A Ghanaian controversial and self-styled socialite Ayisha Modi, has sparked mixed reactions online after revealing her employment status.

This comes after Ayisha Modi revealed in an interview on Kofi Tv that she has murdered over 200 elderly women in the United States as a result of her profession.

She claims to be an assisted living care officer in the United States, where she helps the elderly live stress-free lives.

Ayisha Modi revealed during her interview with Kofi Adoma that she is a well-trained and authorised living care officer who is assigned to carry out old-age women and even as a private worker at the hospital.

According to Ayisha Modi, she injects them to relieve their pain, but the treatment eventually kills them.

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She went further to confess that as a result of her profession, she had killed over 200 people.

She also added by displaying the face of a lethal injection victim on live Tv and declared that it was her final shot.

Ayisha Modi has received a lot of backlash after making such claims, with netizens claiming that she can be arrested by police for murdering through her submission even if her profession is authorised by US authorities.

We have culled some reactions and comments of the post below :

@maame_serwaa33 : Morphine is a pain killer but strong in strength and works instantly. It’s not a medication to kill, she should stop the misinformation

@ewurabagi : No hospital in America here contracts personal assistance for mercy killing. morphine is an opioid so it is only given by a nurse and highly monitored by a pharmacist. when you go to the hospital and you need opioids two nurses come to the room to verify and make sure the dose is right and given to the patient and rest is wasted properly.

@arhin_641glory : You took a course to provide
care for the vulnerable and you never learn about confidentiality of patient. Talking too much can lead you to jail

@kodomd01 : Ghana people can braggggg.
Morphine is reduce pain and not basically to kill. Even doctors don’t have the right or license to
kill… lies upon lies

@iambokity : This gal might be talking truth. but at the same time can be in trouble for talking too much.. she just want to show her enemies she is working legitimately.… so dey dnt accuse her of any other thing.. but she is breaking confidential

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