Bedroom Video Of Efia Odo And Henry Fitz Goes Viral On The Internet

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Guess who’s back in the limelight? Henry Fitz, the guy from that viral video allegedly featuring Serwaa Amihere, is making waves again. This time, he’s caught in another video with Efia Odo.

In this fresh clip stealing the spotlight from Serwaa Amihere’s rumored bedroom antics, Efia Odo is seen giggling as Henry plants kisses on her chin.

No surprise, the video seems to capture them getting cozy before hitting the sheets.

In the previous video circulating on social media, Serwaa Amihere was still fully clothed while Henry was already diving into the whole bed scene.


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This video surfaced in 2020, just a year after Henry tied the knot with Dela in a lavish ceremony.

This demonstrates Henry Fitz’s extraordinary personality and the fact that he has been romantically involved with a number of Ghanaian celebrities, possibly as many as ten.

Watch the Henry Fitz and Efia Odo video below via Ghpage

Netizens who saw the video denigrated GH female celebrities for their poor and greedy lifestyle, which usually puts unnecessary pressure on young people on social media.

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