Being A Lady Will Make You A Rich – Cross Dresser James Brown

Being A Lady Will Make You A Rich - Cross Dresser James Brown

Nigerian crossdresser, James Brown Obialor, has revealed the significance of being a lady and his motivation for dressing as a woman. 

The dramatic Queen of Africa, Duchess of London, posted photos of himself on his Instagram page rocking men’s clothes while portraying himself as a man as well but with feminine nails, prompting a fan to question him on why he behaves and makes his decision to dress like a lady.

James Brown, who dominated social media after his s3x tape was leaked a few weeks ago, took to Instagram to announce that his girlfriend had broken up with him, sparking a lot of reaction online as netizens wondered how a crossdresser could have a boyfriend and a girlfriend as his lover at the same time.

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“My s*x tape leaked out there in public. How do I feel? I feel devastated, fell like shit and feel so bad. I feel like why did this happen to me? I don’t know who leaked it but I know that people hate me and are jealous of who I have become. I am 23 years old and people are coming for me. I don’t know how the video leaked, who leaked it, But God will judge them.

I own up to it. Yes I am the one in the tape, yes it happened. What should I do? People have been coming for me saying James Brown why did you have unprotected sx. It is my relationship, we’ve been dating for 2 years. She knows about my status and I am not the first person that the s*x tape leaked”— Jame Brown said in a video after his s*x video leaked.


In response to his post, a fan questioned why James Brown acts like a lady while being as attractive as a man. In response, James Brown told the fan that he dresses like a lady because it naturally brings in more money. 

He went on to say that, if a person is intelligent, being a woman can make them wealthy, and he also offered to help if the fan is interested.

The fan wrote: You fine as a man, I don’t know why you acting like a woman.

Replying to the comment, James brown wrote: Because it pays the bills naturally, Being a woman can make you wealthy if you are smart. I can teach!

His response to the fan sparked a massive debate among netizens about whether what he said was correct or incorrect, while others want him to teach them the “gateway to success,” as he claims.

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@oluwabusolamifelix @wf_jamesbrown abeg teach us

@ugo_tufresh @itoldyou_6996 oya bruhs, go make him teach u ooooh, ensure u go with pen & book cause their is a lot to learn professor James. B

@ngu_lokeyx @wf_jamesbrown come teach me @wf_jamesbrown

@official mhizfresh @wf_jamesbrown lol teach us how to use the gender


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