Black Sherif reveals his favourite subject back in school

Black Sherif reveals his favourite subject back in school

Ghanaian musician, Black Sherif disclosed his favourite subject back his school days, which turned out to be Religious and Moral Education (RME).

Black Sherif in a conversation with Stephalways, a content creator, explained that his love for RME stemmed from his time at “Makaranta,” an Islamic school, which played a pivotal role in shaping his interest in the subject.

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For clarity, “Makaranta” is a Hausa word that translates to “place of reading, learning, or reciting.” In this context, “ma” signifies place, and “karanta” signifies reading or reciting.

It is designed for every Muslim and believer in Islam to learn the teachings in order to instill ‘Adeen’, also known as noble or faith, from infancy to adulthood.

However, during the podcast interview, Black Sherif fondly recalled excelling in RME, achieving an impressive 90% in the subject during his school years.

He credited his regular attendance at the “Makaranta” or Islamic school, driven by his devout Muslim background, as a significant factor that made studying RME more accessible.

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This background allowed him to apply the knowledge gained from “Makaranta” effectively in his RME studies.

Meanwhile, Religious and Moral Education is a common subject taught in many Ghanaian schools, encompassing various religious and ethical principles.

Black Sherif favourite subject has sparked more reactions from fans and many Ghanaians who also shared their affection for the subject.

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