Black Sherif Wins Contract Breach Lawsuit Against Cruise Ship Company

black sherif cruise ship company

Ghanaian Musician, Black Sherif has won a contract breach lawsuit against the cruise ship company “Cruise People Ltd” over performance disputes.

This comes after the Accra High Court ruled in favour of Black Sherif, dismissing the Cruise Ship firm’s petition against the rapper on Thursday, November 16, 2023.

Cruise People Ltd accused Black Sherif of breaching an agreement and arrested him at Kotoka International Airport, resulting in the cancellation of the ‘Afro Cruise Jam’ event in Athens, Greece, set for August 2023.

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The company claimed financial losses as a result of the cancellation and demanded compensation from the winner of the BET Best International Flow of the Year award.

Black Sherif’s legal team argued that the court lacked jurisdiction since the performance contract required judicial procedures to take place in the UK.

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Despite Cruise People Limited’s claim that the court had jurisdiction since both parties were Ghanaians operating in Ghana, Judge Mariama Sammo rule in favour of the Konongo-born musician.


The judge emphasised that none of the contract addresses were associated with a location in Ghana, prompting the court to reject the lawsuit against the famed musician.

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