A new video circulating on social media has shown a food vendor appearing to be the seller of bofrot mixing flour with her feet and it has raised concerns online.

In the video sighted by hellovybes.com on social media, the food vendor appeared to be standing in her living room and preparing for the day.

She was captured in the video mashing the mix for the bofrot but was doing it in the most bizarre way mashing it with her feet.

The video has left a very nauseating feeling for many people as it has brought out many questions from the general public.

While she was at the dastardly act, the lady was seen using her hands to remove some lumps in the mix from under her feet as she continued stomping it in what looked like a big bowl..

The person recording the video along with the lady mashing the mix could be heard laughing over their diabolic action.

Watch the video below 


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SOURCE: www.hellovybes.com

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