Despite going through all the trauma and was offered a better job, Journanlist Albert popularly known as “Bongo Ideas” has gone to his default settings again by opting presenter Gary Al- Smith to wear a proper suit.

The Media broadcaster Gray Al-Smith was believed to be at the 2021 ballon d’or event which took place last night in France – Paris on 29 November

Gary Al-Smith posted photos of himself, wearing a nice black suit and tie with black shoe, looking cute at the Ballon d’or event as Albert swiftly replied his post under comment section.

In the comment under Gary ‘s post, Journalist Albert replied by sharing his opinion as to whether the suit was worn nicely on not.

He said ; “Opinion: the suit could have been worn better not a bad one though btw”

Gary Smith had to respond to Bongo Ideas’ comment, wondering if it is the same Albert  who said he has reformed or changed for better as he preaches “Say No To Cyber Bullying” 

Despite having survived the ordeal and being offered a better job, Albert, also known as Bongo Ideas, has reverted to his default settings by asking presenter Gary Smith to wear a proper suit. 

Gray Smith, a media personality, was said to be present at the 2021 Ballon d’Or ceremony, which took place last night in Paris, France. 

Gary Smith shared images of himself at the Ballon d’Or ceremony, looking cute in a lovely black suit and tie with black shoes, while Albert quickly responded to his post in the comment section.

Albert responded to Gary’s post by expressing his view on whether the suit was worn properly or not. 

“Opinion: the suit could have been worn better not a bad one though btw”

Albert ‘ s reply to Gary Al-Smith post

Gary Al-Smith felt compelled to respond to Bongo Ideas’ remark, wondering whether this is the same Albert who claims to have “reformed” or “changed for the better” as he preaches “Say No To Cyber Bullying.”

Gary Al-Smith responds to Albert

See some reactions to Bongo Ideas’ reply to Gary Al-Smith below

Bro, tbh, you didn’t try chale
It’s high time you stopped those stuff, if you are hallucinated, you should stay off social media and critics, it wouldn’t help matters please, I beg you.

A tweet from @phakhultyreigns

That bongoideas guy deserves some slapping which will restore him back to settings
How does someone like him feel so entitled to give his unsolicited opinion on anothers mode of dressing 🤔
I’m peeved

A tweet from @anuoyamba

The question is,how can a journalist keep quiet? It seems to me that when he was a child,he was allowed to say anything and asked questions freely and he has grown up with it. If he gets a mentor to help,he can become a top notch journalist. #help

A Tweet from @aryeemike

Bro! This be my humble opinion too. You no sure say this your thing e be spiritual? More times e fit be generational curse oo. You e do a biz your family den check if as them young dem no do any bro something wey the person lay bad vibes for demma generations top. Consider this

A tweet from @_K_wasi

Do you have a mental problem or something? You seem to have an opinion on everything.
How else should @garyalsmith have won his suit. You need help!!!

A tweet from @ohenebakwesi

At this point, i can say unequivocally that you are just a mere attention seeker.

A tweet from @JayCee_Bwoy

U ankasa u have a huge problem. These are some of the guys that can aid u to realize ur dream. But u are here everyday jabbing them. If u fail try not to blame it on ur aunties oooo.

A tweet from @simple_bryt

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