Kasia Lenhardt the Ex-girlfriend of Bayern Munich defender Jerome Boateng has been found dead, just a week after their breakup.

According to German Police, Model Kasia Lenhardt was found dead in her Berlin apartment in the early hours of Tuesday.⁠

Boateng’s relationship with the model soured in recent months, with accusations of infidelity and blackmail, although the defender himself refused to be drawn into discussing it publicly.

“I will speak, I have to calm down first, please give me time,” he added.

However, in a recent interview he had accused Lenhardt of sabotaging his relationship with his ex-wife and even suggested that the Polish model had threatened to ruin his reputation.

“She often threatened to destroy me, to ruin my career, to try and make me lose my children and she said she would accuse me of beating her,” he explained.

“She knew that the mother of my children accused me of the same thing.”

Boateng, for his part, has been with the Bayern Munich squad in Qatar since February 6.

However, he will fly back to Munich after hearing the news.

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