‘Burna Boy does not have a Fanbase but he is bigger than any Ghanaian musician’ – Edem

‘Burna Boy does not have a Fanbase but he is bigger than any Ghanaian musician’ - Edem

Rapper Edem has claimed that Nigerian Afrobeats sensation Burna Boy is bigger than any Ghanaian artist in terms of popularity, despite not having a well-defined fanbase.

In an interview with DJ Slim on the Daybreak show at HitzFm, Edem emphasized that the size of a fan army doesn’t necessarily determine an artist’s stature.

According to ‘Heyba’ hitmaker, Burna Boy’s current stature and influence in the global music landscape exceeds that of any other Ghanaian artist.

Edem stated, “Nobody knows what Burna Boy’s fan army is, but Burna Boy is bigger than any Ghanaian artist,”

He also commented on the misconception that a fan army can be used to push one artist ahead of another, noting that such ideologies can create a narrow perspective among fans.

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“Ideologies and ideals give the fans a very myopic mindset to think that you can push one artist so much to get ahead of another and that makes you a better army,” he added  as quoted by myjoyonilne.

Additionally, Edem acknowledged that he has a dedicated and recognized fan base, while also recognizing a group known as the ‘Gbevu Nation’ who passionately promote his music.

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