Nigerian musician Burna Boy has expressed his emotional thoughts on social media to settle his feud with Davido in new posts.

The Anybody hitmaker took to his Instagram story to express how people can be going through a lot, and he admitted and apologized to hurting others in the past. 

According to Burna, ordinary people who appear to be fine or are going about their daily routines may be going through the worst kind of torment, ignorant of it until it is too late. 

The Grammy Award-winning artist has made it known to the public that, he promise to be a source of joy to others for the remainder of his days on this planet, and to always mean it when he asks, “How are you doing?”

Some part of his statement reads;

“ I know I have caused people pain in my past but I swear on everything, for my remaining days in this world, I will always mean it from the bottom of my heart when I ask ‘how are you doing?’ and I will always be the cause of joy to others no matter what.”

Post shared by Burna Boy on Instagram

It all started when the Twice As Tall singer called out Cokobar’s Twitter handler after he intimated that he (Burna boy) had already resolved his feud with Davido.

Burnaboy settles his feud with Davido
Post shared by Cokobar on Twitter
Post shared by Burna Boy to reply Cokobar
Post shared by Burna Boy to reply Cokobar

Davido and Burna have been beefing for a long time, producing diss songs and even claiming to have exchanged blows in a Ghanaian club.

SOURCE: hellovybes

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