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A video has dropped online showing, BNXN formerly known as Buju has been spotted in an heavy altercation with police officers in Lagos, Ikeja.

In the video, Buju was seen getting out of his Benz, which was parked in the middle of the street, while only wearing a singlet, and confronting the policemen.

Buju spotted in heavy altercation with police officers in Lagos (video)

Although we don’t know what caused the fight but one could be heard in the background of the video that, End SARS, End Police.

Watch the video below

In other news, Ghanaian legendary footballer Asamoah Gyan has responded the criticism that he can no longer represent the Black Stars following his comment that “It’s happened before.”

Asamoah Gyan stated in an earlier comment that he is thinking to reconsider the decision to return to Black Stars, take revenge on Uruguay and to aid Ghana in winning the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

The former captain of the Black Stars used a verse from Shatta Wale’s “On God” to refute claims that his return to the team would be ineffective.


Ghanaian legendary footballer, Asamoah Gyan has reacted to criticism he received for claiming he desired the return of Black stars.

This came when Asamoah Gyan vehemently declared via zoom chat video on BBC World News that he is eager for a chance to take revenge against Uruguay in the upcoming fifa worldcup in Qatar.

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The former captain of the Blackstars received heavy criticism following his comment that he is working hard to come back in shape to earn a spot in Ghana’s squad.

“Anything can happen, you know it’s has happened before..Cameroon in 1994 with Roger Miller, you know coming from retirement but I haven’t retired, I just to need get my body back in shape – Asamoah Gyan said on BBC World News

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A photo of Asamoah Gyan

After his “it’s has happened before” comment on BBC that caused a lot of buzz on social media, Asamaoah Gyah has now responded to those who have claimed that he cannot play for black stars.

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In response to the claims, Baby Jet used a line from Shatta Wale’s hit song “On God” on social media to subtly poke fun at his doubting  Thomas.

He captioned the photo ; “ONE MAN THOUSAND “I’m the news and go make u keep talking.
#ONGOD @shattawalegh”

See his post below


Ghanaian hiplife artist and social activist, A Plus has flaunted his brand-new car, adding to his fleet of cars in new video.

A video posted by Blogger Nkonkonsa on Instagram, showing A Plus has made a grand entrance at Nana Ama McBrown’s birthday party in Kumasi while flaunting his expensive new whip.

“Don’t complain the economy is hard” - Netizens tell A Plus after pulling up a brand new Ford Raptor car at Nana Ama McBrown’s Birthday
A photo of A plus and his wife

On his arrival at the party, A plus was seen looking classy and elegant in all-white garments, which was believed to be a Boss shirt. When asked how many cars he had purchased this year, he replied that he had acquired four.

A plus’ new branded- car, Ford Raptor reportedly to have cost $60,000- $100,000 as per the current market value.

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Netizens have offered the video beautiful comments, while others have slammed A plus for trying to complain about how difficult the economy is under Nana Addo’s administration.

Watch the video below


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We have culled some comments and reactions below 

@i_am_yaababy: Akwaaba..wose number 4!!! Has someone asked u the number of cars so far???Guyguy paa nie! Boi 🤣🤣🤣

@gordenofficial: I tap into his blessings

@born_2motivate: Most people don’t know car is not an investment. Liability. Just get yourself 1 cheap good car that will move you from A-B and invest the rest into something else.

@chrisbasoah: U see how Maxwell was looking at him (@, he knws opana is lying 😂😂😂

@fkr_event_decor : System is tough you said and this is your 4 the car this year and the fifth no one has.yo0o 😲😲😲

@nuellashopmore : While the economy is hard eei

@chiefbuf : Rented car as always

@trueafrokay: Who asked for the count(eg

@odameyeboahmavis :And you will come at Nana Addo that the economy is hard?

@all_star_heating: I bet he didn’t pay duty on these cars

@soso_ matoto: Hmmm.. Some of us dierr, it’s like we are just here in this world to see some pple


Nigerian singer, David Adeleke, popularly known as Davido has revealed the benefits drinking alcohol has brought to his life.

Davido shared this on his Instagram story as he emphasized to his fans that drinking alcohol always helps him be completely honest and make smart decisions.

How alcohol affects my life positively” – Singer Davido reveals (Video)
A photo of Davido on Instagram

Davido made this disclosure in response to an throwback video that Instagram user (vanzyvanz) posted in which he spoke about his future plans while holding a drink and talking while sipping.

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In the throwback video, Davido said he always speaks facts and the truth when he is tipsy. 

“Can’t lie I be speaking facts/truth wen I’m tipsy but wen I’m drunk I start saying nonsense. I fit promise you the whole world.”

Watch the video below

In other news, A photo of Davido sleeping in a car with his mouth slightly opened has gone viral on the internet.

The rare photo of the singer found it way on the internet and became a viral meme when it’s was first shared by internet user with hilarious caption; See person wey stand strong,” referring to the singer’s hit song, Stand Strong

In reacting to his meme viral photo, Davido jokingly reposted the photo on his Instagram story and captioned it ; “If I catch this person, na fight. I don dey laff for one hour straight.”

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A Nigerian young engineer identified as Mustapha Gajibo have received positive feedback from netizens after producing an electric busses and are ready to be distributed in Maiduguri.

Gajibo, who is also known to be a school dropout shared the photos on his Twitter handle stated that, the new buses were reportedly built with 65% materials sourced locally.

Man who dropped out of school builds 12-seater electric bus that runs 212km after single for his city
A photo of Gajibo and local made electric bus

He also stated that, the buses are 12-seaters and have a range of 212 kilometers (km) on a single charge when traveling at 110 kilometers per hour.

Gajibo continued, even though the buses are electric-powered, they could also be powered by solar panels.

He wrote;

“100% electric, 12 seater, 212km range on one charge, 110km/hr speed, fully air-conditioned, voice command system, built using 65% locally sourced materials, fully designed and built in Nigeria.”

This has garnered the admiration of many internet users, who have praised the intelligent young man for his evolving thought process.

We have culled some comments and reactions below ;

@TayoBello12 : This is a good and timely development. Pls the structure and outlook need to be work on very well to be able to last long on our roads

@skoyedemi : Kudos on this endeavor. Keep it up! Although the idea of having solar panels on EVs doesn’t really make economic sense. You probably have at least 50kWh of battery capacity in there, and having 500W of solar panels on the vehicle will generate less than 2kWh daily.

@ltz SadigA : Well done Engr, being innovative and

manufacturing this with limited resources is outstanding.

@Olusayo_Fad : Nice Job💯👍. can we know the price?. Thank you

Mbashir2020_: Very good. Impressive. U really make a wonderful job that needs stakeholder intervention. Unfortunately this will go unacknowledged

@epistle2005: Imagine producing this in mass for intracity commercial transportation purpose after evaluating its viability.

Deimlar: Wow! Well done. I’m delighted for you. Great to see some Nigerians r putting their God given talent to positive use. I’m particularly appreciative of yr forward thinking creation aimed at the current Green Energy drive aimed at protection of our environment. Good luck & God speed.


Ghanaian gospel singer Celestine Donkor has recounted her bizarre past experience, which she used to keep her faith in God and stand strong during trying times.

Celestine Donkoh revealed that she had worked as a house help in the past and that her family’s resources had sometimes been quite scarce.

She stated clearly that she endured numerous hardships even as a househelp and that her madam consistently made her eat a baby’s feces before giving her any food.

In her words;

“I was serving people as a house help. So that was how I grew up. Living with different kinds of people formed a very important part of my life because I experienced different things at different levels.

“Some of the people I stayed with were very good to me. They took me in as their own daughter. There was no feeling like an outcast. And there were others who made me like rejected and less human,” she told Rainbow radio.

I once ate faeces before my ‘madam’ gave me food – Celestine Donkor shares
A photo of Celestine Donkor

“I lived with a woman in a compound house, helping her with chores. She already had a maid, so I was the assisting maid. One day after doing all the maid’s chores, she refused to give me food to eat.

“When our madam’s baby pooped in its diaper, she took off the soiled diaper and said i should eat the faeces before she gives me food. I was so hungry that I ate the baby’s faeces. I have never shared this because I feel it’s embarrassing.”

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A video has surfaced online showing a self-acclaimed maame water daughter, Akusua Moon goddess claiming to have sent her shenanigans on Nana Ama McBrown after accusing her of k!lling her colleague actress Suzzy Williams.

In the video, Akusua Moon goddess was seen claiming to have spoken to the late Ghanaian actress Suzzy Williams in order to make people to know who is responsible for her demise.


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A post shared by (@ghsplashnews)

She claimed that the reason she got in touch with Suzzy was so that she might win, and she hinted that Suzzy had mentioned Nana Ama McBrown


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A post shared by (@ghsplashnews)

According to Maame Water’s daughter, The celebrated actor Nana Ama McBrown, was jealous of Suzzy Willaims’ success and hired a man to take her ice away in order for her to take the lead role in Ghana movie.


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Ghanaian legendary rapper, Nii Addo Quaynor well known in showbiz as Tinny has spoken about his relationship with reggae-dancehall act Charles Nii Armah Mensah Jnr., popularly known as Shatta Wale.

Speaking in an interview with presenter Abeiku Santana for Okay FM’s Ekwansodwodwo segment, Tinny stated emphatically that he and Shatta Wale have a nice relationship and that they are father and son.

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Tinny, who has known Shatta Wale since the Bandana days, also disclosed that the SM Empire boss has him as a personal advisor. However, he only offers advice when the situation requires for it or when Shatta Wale reaches out to him for advice.

“I advise Shatta Wale when it is necessary. When he needs an advice and he calls me for an advice I do that for him. You address me as his advisor and everything”, – Tinny said

Shatta Wale is my son, I’m his advisor - Tinny
A photo of Tinny and Shatta Wale

The legendary rapper always praise Shatta Wale and even saying that he has a good heart. Sometime back, he is said to have become angry and stood up for Shatta Wale after someone called the “No problem” singer a fool.

The two have collaborated together on songs for their fans, including “We still dey” and “Life be time,” which were released in 2016 and 2019 respectively.

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Ghanaian radio presenter and entertainment pundit, George Quaye Jnr, has shared his opinion on the controversy surrounding Wiyaala and Shatta Wale’s citation at SummerStage festival.

During an interview on HitFm’s Daybreak Show with host Andy Dosty, George Quaye strongly believed that SummerStage should compensate Wiyaala for failing to give her the citation on stage.

According to him, because he does not view this as an unpardonable error, it is a gross disrespect to Wiyaala and her brand and that the SummerStage organizers should compensate the singer.

“How come they did not award Wiyaala on her set because Wiyaala also did perform and i don’t see this as unpardonable error.

SummerStage Organizers Should Compensate Wiyaala For Disrespecting Her - George Quaye
Photo of George Quaye on Instagram

“They should just not render a social media apology, they actually need to compensate Wiyaala for this gross disrespect”

He continued by saying that it was good for Wiyaala to act that way because sometimes one needs to be a little bit abrasive in order to uphold one’s own respect.

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“A lot of people would say that, sometimes Shatta Wale is cantaclauhse he is too disrespectful, he is too this and that, but you will not dare doing sometime like that to Shatta Wale like by this time the whole world would e heard of you” – He concluded

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Ghanaian rapper Nii Addo Quaynor, popularly known as Tinny has expressed his anger with reggae-dancehall act Stonebwoy for paying his alleged debt on radio

During his interview session with Abeiku Santana on Okay FM, Tinny became when he was questioned about viral report claiming that he owes an event organizer who ceased his car for refusing to perform at a valentine Day’s event after he was paid ¢2,000 to headline the show.

It may be recalled that in May this year, an event promoter in Worawora accused Tinny of failing to show up after being paid $2,000 to headline and perform in the Oti Region.

Event promoter, Yaw Menkasa said to Prince Tsegah of Hitz FM on “U Say Weytin” that after trying in vain to convince Tinny to return the money, he reported the incident to the police.

This is the video that triggered Tinny to insult Stonebwoy
A photo Tinny and Stonebwoy

Stonebwoy was later scheduled for an interview on the same platform and after hearing Tinny’s strange story, he made a promise to the promoter to pay the money.

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However, Tinny thinks that wasn’t the appropriate course of action for his fellow artist to take. He became angry with them, stating that Stonebwoy could have verified everything with him before making him look stupid to the public.

“I saw it as just a bunch of fools, a bunch of idiots who had gotten the opportunity to be on radio. Merqury Quaye is number one, the toppest idiot. The other guy who was also speaking was also a fool.

“I’ve helped Stonebwoy before, and even after paying the money, he didn’t get common sense to contact me to verify the whole issue from me”

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“And I wasn’t expecting my colleague Stonebwoy to also be a fool but he also joined those people to be a fool” -Tinny said

He continued by calling the bloggers who reported the story also as fools for not calling him to confirm the event organizers’ claims.

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A 27-year-old man, Devaughn Aubrey, is set to tie the knot with his 74-year-old lover, Kathi Jenkins, after meeting on an adult hookup site.

Although the pair started off as purely intimate partners, it blossomed into love, and they are now engaged to be married.

According to the groom-to-be, Devaughn Aubrey, after dating the septuagenarian for over a year, he knew she was the one for him.

Devaughn works as a stocker at Walmart and a porter for condos. He has no children but was once married at the age of 24. However, he was divorced in 2021, shortly before he met Kathi. Devaughn’s heartthrob, Kathi, had previously been in a few long-term relationships but was never married. She is retired, with four children, 13 grandchildren, 36 great grandchildren, and one great-great grandson.

Narrating how they met, he said;

“We met online. it is a hook up site neither of us were looking for a serious relationship I stumbled on her picture, it was a picture of her breast. I read her profile and messaged her in hopes of a response, she was online too and answered back. I asked for her number and she gave it to me then she immediately asked how big my member is and we talked for a bit that night.”

“Once I got to her house she was waiting for me already in bed and directed me inside her house to her room and I came in her door and saw her, she looked way hotter than her pictures and smelled really sweet and good. She had this silky dark red blouse on with nothing else.

“Thank god I never told her my height. She’s very selective, she’s a size queen that likes tall men and I’m 5ft 7ins so once she saw me in person one of the first things she said was ‘you’re short’ or ‘you’re shorter than I thought‘. She wasn’t mad, she thought I was hot and we met at a hotel room a couple weeks after that and just kept meeting every week until she invited me over for Thanksgiving then we became official I guess.”

Speaking further, Devaughn’s says his family is supportive for the most part, but they thought he was lying about just how old she was until he showed them pictures.

“I told my mother about her when we started dating but she thought I was joking about her age until we spent our birthdays together and showed her our pictures but I’m sure my parents and siblings got the hint that I like older women. I do have friends around Kathi’s age, some are concerned that I might want kids and can’t understand why I would want someone older but they are still supportive.

“Because of our age gap, sometimes people assume that Kathi is rich and that I want all her money, which is not the case at all. Some people do say it’s inappropriate but it’s just right for us.” He said.

According to him, he loves that Kathi reminds him a lot of his grandmother.

In his words;

“She is so perfect for me and she is very experienced in life and teaches me a lot. We never fight, can always talk without yelling and I trust her completely. She sings beautifully and she knows a lot of those old songs that remind me of the stuff my grandmother liked and she knows a lot of the artists that my grandmother liked.

“I guess I like how old she is because I like older women or old women regardless if she needs a walker and stuff. I have never been bothered by that.”

See more photos of the love birds below

27-year-old man set to marry 74-year-old lover, says she reminds him of his grandmother


Ghanaian drill music artiste Thorsten Owusu Gyimah, popularly known as Yaw Tog has made public the fee he charges his clients when he is being booked for a show.

Yaw Tog in an interview with lifestyle and celebrity blogger, Zionfelix stated emphatically that, the highest amount he had charged a client for a show is Ghc 40,000.

“The Highest Money I’ve Charged For A Show Is Ghc 40,000 “ - Yaw Tog Reveals (Video)
A photo of Yaw Tog

Yaw Tog, who was a bit dubious about his fee structure, said he couldn’t exactly recall the most he’s ever charged a client, but he believes it to be close to Ghc40,000.

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The type of show or event that his clients want him to play at, however, determines the amount of money that he will ask them to pay.

View the video below 

In other news, Wanlov Kubolor got involved in the Wiyaala and Shatta Wale citation controversy by criticizing the dancehall musician for not forcing for the songstress.

On live video, Kubolor slammed Shatta Wale for being selfish and failing to support Wiyaala, denting her reputation for hard work in building a solid brand.

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According to Wanlov Kubolor, Shatta Wale could have rejected the citation should if he knew the organizers not been presented Wiyaala with  citation as planned earlier and he thinks what Wiyala did in rejecting the citation was right because it’s not done anywhere.


Ghanaian afro-pop singer and songwriter Neolla Wiyaala popularly known in music scene as Wiyaala has apologized to Shatta Wale for accusing him of blocking her citation during her performance at SummerStage festival.

Wiyaala in previous self-recorded video, registered  her displeasure with the SummerStage organizers and claimed that Shatta wale was responsible for her on-stage citation blockage.

Wiyaala Apologizes to Shatta Wale after accusing of blockage of citation at SummerStage festival
A photo of Wiyaala and Shatta Wale

The singer has since apologized to the African Dancehall king in a new video after calling out Shatta Wale and blamed him after refusing to accept her citation.

Wiyaala on Facebook live Apologizing to Shatta Wale stated that, she had resolved her citation brouhaha with Shatta Wale and feels very remorseful for her action for what she had done to hurt him.She claims that Shatta Wale has explained everything to her and said that he had not even expected that president Vanessa L Gibson would award him a citation of merit while he was performing on stage.

Watch the video below


Ghanaian hiphop-drill music artiste Thorsten Owusu Gyimah, popularly known in the music scene as Yaw Tog has has  revealed his and intention to naturalize and  gain citizenship in the USA or UK.

According to the young rapper, He would fight his way through the process to become a citizen in any of the aforementioned countries before completing his schooling in order to further his education in any of them.

“I Want To Naturalize For USA or UK To Become A Citizen Because I Don’t Want To Stay In Ghana Forever” - Yaw Tog Reveals
A photo of Yaw Tog

Yaw Tog in an interview with lifestyle and celebrity blogger, Zionfelix revealed that,  the economic situation in Ghana is unbearable especially now that he has begun to take care of his own needs.

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He claimed that because his parents provided for him before he finished his secondary education, he was insulated from the heat that Ghanaians were complaining about.

However, after becoming an adult and having to fend for himself, he came to the realization that “adulthood is really a scam”, therefore intends to naturalize to become a citizen in one of the most developed countries  in the world.

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Yaw Tog stated that he does not intend to stay in Ghana permanently but rather wants to experience life in the western cultures and a different environment.

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Netizens have reacted to the sad news of a 36-year-old Ghanaian headteacher identified as Mensah Kwame who swims before heading to school.

The news was first broke by indicating  how headteacher Mensah Kwame and the pupils of  Lonpe MA Primary School in the Nanumba North District of the Northern Region are facing challenges.

But this is not the case for Mensah Kwame, a teacher at Lonpe MA Primary School in the Nanumba North District of the Northern Region.

Mensah Kwame is a 36-year-old teacher who is looking beyond all the glaring challenges to help rural pupils.

But as head teacher of the school, the burden is even higher.

He would have to traverse an incredibly long distance to be in school on time on his motorbike. But when this means of transport is unavailable, he may have to devise other means.

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After a 9-kilometer ride offered him by a Good Samaritan who was returning from hospital with his wife, he would have to swim across the River Dakar and then continue for three more kilometers.

These challenges coupled with poor infrastructure and lack of furniture and text books makes this even more dire.

Mensah Kwame’s connection with rural schools began when he completed college in 2009 – he has since moved from one school to another – and admits teaching at Lonpe is frustrating as it is dangerous.

“Teaching in rural communities is not an easy task especially as I have to swim across this river everyday to get to my school. My family is very worried,” he said.

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“The pupils are at a huge disadvantage because I have to teach all the classes from Basic One to Six and this is stressful.”

Education watchers have maintained the uneven distribution of resources between the urban and rural areas – and the ultimate outcomes require a review.

Executive Director of Africa Education Watch Ghana, Kofi Asare, has been doing a lot of work in this regard.

Netizens reacts to sad story of a teacher, Mensah Kwame who swims to school

He believes the time is now to demand concrete action on rural education if something is to change.

A recent survey conducted by his organization revealed more than 42,000 teachers left the profession in 2021.

Data from Social Education Research also indicates that at least 10,000 teachers leave the classroom every year to seek other job opportunities.

The situation continues to impact the teacher and the learner especially in the rural communities.

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