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Idris Olanrewaju Okuneye, also known by his stage name Bobrisky, has reacted after skit maker Sabinus referred to him as senior man. 

Bobrisky, who has refused to be addressed as a man, did not take kindly to the cheery comic who addressed him as such.

The ‘Lagos queen’ posted a video of herself eating with the statement claiming she doesn’t like problems and just wants to keep enjoying the money his lovers provide him. 

The popular comic responded, claiming that the cross dressing was irritated by his facial display, shoe shine, and the remark “Senior man.”

Lashing out at Mr Funny, she said it is his father that is a senior man, adding that she will soon get him arrested.


Cross-dressing is the practice of wearing clothing that is not typically associated with one’s gender. In modern times and throughout history, cross-dressing has been utilized for camouflage, comfort, comedy, and self-expression.

SKIT COMEDY: A group of comic actors or comedians performs a series of short, hilarious scenes or vignettes called “sketches,” which are typically between one and 10 minutes long.


Every civilization has made marriage the norm, and it is everyone’s ambition, whether young or old, to take the next step in life, procreate, and start a beautiful family.

Marriage is sweeter for the better or for the worse, especially when men meet the proper companion. 

A young guy took to social media to tell how re-engaging in marriage has been a difficult journey for him after five failed marriages with five different ladies.

According to him, he believes that marrying his fellow gender is preferable to marrying the wrong spouse, like his parents did when his mother abandoned his father at a difficult time.

He stated :

“I suffered in the hands of women since my childhood, even my mom was not a very good wife to my dad after maltreating him, she left, then i was just 6years old,, leaving us to suffer. My dad advised me never to trust women, “women will make you suffer”. 

Even in my high school days, the first girl i fell in love with betrayed me just because i couldn’t afford to take her to the Cinema & buy her lunch 

I have been married and divorced twice. Those women were not good to me either.

So, I decided to marry my fellow man, my best friend. We are so much in love. Now I’m living my best life. Am happy.”


A viral video of a young man ( thief ) in his early twenties was caught stealing a mobile phone asked for his life to be spared, saying he stole it because he was hungry and didn’t have anything to eat. 

According to the source, the suspected thief was ordered to sweep gutters throughout the community in exchange for his release. 

They did not beat him to death, but instead treated him fairly by serving him foods and drinks to satisfy his hunger. 

He was rewarded with three Banku balls and a soft drink for his efforts in cleaning the community’s gutters.

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Unidentified lady in America lost her iPhone a few days ago, claiming that it dropped on the street on her way home. 

The lady claims that the phone was in the back of her pocket and that she has no idea what caused it to be lost on that particular day in Washington, DC. 

After a month, she decided to use “find my iPhone” to trace down where the phone went missing, only to discover it was in Africa. 

According to her, her misplaced phone was discovered at a phone store in Ghana’s Accra’s Tiptoe lane at circle.

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A 46-year-old Zimbabwean lady has been arrested and charged with raping her teenage neighbor’s son in her home. 

She allegedly requested the 15-year-old boy to install lights in her bedroom in the evening and urged him to stay the night for his own safety, which he did, but she took advantage of him that night. 

According to, Charity Muwereka, of Plot 8, Nyamwari Farm, Rusape, was charged with one count of aggravated indecent assault before Rusape magistrate Obedience Matare.

Despite the fact that she was not required to enter a plea, she was encouraged to seek bail at the High Court. 

Justice Masanganise, the prosecutor, informed the court that after adjusting the lights in Muwereka’s room, the kid requested permission to depart, but she persuaded him to stay the night with her children because it was late and dark.

Despite the fact that his house was only a few hundred meters away, the teenager accepted to sleep in the elderly woman’s home because he believed she was concerned about his safety.

Justice Masanganise told the court;

“Muwereka is a neighbour to the complainant. On November 1, the complainant penned their cattle at Plot 9, Nyamwari Farm which is about 100 meters from Muwereka’s place. Muwereka called the teenager and asked him to fix the lighting system in her bedroom. After fixing the lighting system, Muwereka told the teenager that it was no longer safe for him to go home since it was dark.

“She told the teenager to sleep with her eight-year-old son in the dining room. Muwereka slept in the bedroom with her two daughters. Later during the night, the complainant woke up to discover that Muwereka was sexually abusing him. The teenager asked Muwereka what she was doing, but she told him not to tell anyone. Muwereka continued sexually molesting the teenager for about five minutes before going back to her bedroom.

“The teenager went home the following morning and told his mother that he had slept at Muwereka’s home. He did not reveal the matter but started crying.

“His mother took him to a local member of the ZRP’s Neighborhood Watch Committee, Abel Mushayabasa. The teenager narrated to Mushayabasa what had happened during the night at Muwereka’s home. He also told him that he was afraid to tell his mother what had happened, fearing that she would beat him up.”

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A video has leaked online showing a woman identified as Amina detailing how a Fetish priest (Mallam) had s*xual intercourse with her in order to solve her ailment. 

According to Amina, she just went to the fetish priest for spiritual healing and other family issues, but she ended up sleeping with him. 

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Amina described her horror in the Akoma Fm studios, saying the Mallam advised her to bend down in a d*ggy-style position, which started the healing process, only for her to realize the Fetish had entered her Veejay. 

“I told him to stop “penetrating in me” the moment I saw him doing it, but he lied and forced me to have s*x with him,” she stated.

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The true purpose of this content is to raise awareness among our fellow sisters and brothers in this country to be wary of not only Fetish Priests, but also Pastors, Teachers, and others who pose as innocent people in our societies.

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A video has leaked online showing a cheated husband and wife beating slay Queen on live tv.

In the video, the wife is furious with the Slay Queen for manipulating her loving husband to cheat on her and she (the slay queen) even summoned her (the wife) to answer questions about a curse placed on her (slay queen).

In the Slay Queen’s narration, her Veejay is sweeter than the wife’s, that is why the husband cheated, and she (the wife) should hold the unfaithful husband responsible for his actions.

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She was also asked if the husband proposed or if she proposed to the husband; in her response to the husband, she (the slay queen) slapped the man in the face, causing both the husband and wife to beat her in the studio. 

Watch the video below

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A Nigerian cross-dresser was caught when a man mistakenly assumed he was a lady and drove him home.

The man was allegedly hunting for a female prostitute when he stumbled across the crossdresser, unaware that he was truly a man.

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After promising to provide him N8k for the night and also taking him to a hotel, the cross-dresser who was grilled by some men revealed that he gave the man simply identified as Emma bl*wjobs on three separate occasions.

He also said that once his client (cross-dresser) told him he didn’t have a condom, he opted for bl*wjob.


Everyone aspires to die naturally and be buried with his or her good acts. 

We chanced on a sad video of a man being buried at a cemetery with bottles of beer drinks. 

In the video, the man’s friends and loved ones can be seen pouring beers on him, paying him last respects at the cemetery before closing the coffin. 

Reports says, the man was suspected of consuming excessive amounts of alcohol during his youth.

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The aim of giving content on our page is to educate and remember our other brothers and sisters, family, and loved ones in whatever we do. Let us all pray and avoid anything negative in our lives before we die, so that our final hours will be so beautiful and a blessing to all of us.


Christmas is approaching, and issues continue to arise on a daily basis. 

unidentified young lady was captured on tape receiving a beating after stealing panties from house to house.

The lady in the video had hair jeer full of ladies panties stolen from several people. The people who caught her stealing them interrogated her and asked why she did it. 

The frustrated “panties stealer” revealed in her statement that she was sent by unknown people who hired her to steal them for rituals, particularly the unwashed ones

Watch the video below

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President Nana Akufo Addo paid a visit to European Investment Bank President Dr Werner Hoyer and Luxembourg President and signed a bilateral agreement with them on December 13, 2021

The President of the Republic of Ghana has been offered €82.5 million by a European investment bank to help develop Ghana’s healthcare system, including specialized recruitment and medical equipment.

In his statement he writes; 

“On Monday, 13th December 2021, I paid a day’s working visit to Luxembourg, as part of efforts to deepen bilateral relations and ties of co-operation between the two countries.

“Amongst others, I paid a courtesy call on the Grand Duke of Luxembourg, Henri Albert Gabriel Félix Marie Guillaume; held bilateral talks with Prime Minister Xavier Bettel, where, amongst others, our two countries signed a Bilateral Air Services Agreement and a Double Taxation Agreement.

“I also held a meeting with the President of the European Investment Bank, Dr Werner Hoyer. I welcomed the €82.5 million support offered to Ghana by the Bank to strengthen Ghana’s healthcare, provision of specialist medical equipment and medicines, under our national COVID-19 Health Response Plan. 

“The new agreement with Ghana represents the largest national EIB financing for COVID related health investment in Africa.

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Cassious, the manager of Ghanaian TikToker Asantewaa, has finally silenced critics by showing his real girlfriend on social media in a new video. 

The artiste manager, who has been under fire since last week from the Ghanaians after being capture on camera doing “lobi lobi” with Asantewaa in a swimming pool, has now revealed his girlfriend’s true face in a new video. 

Cassious, who reacted and wished Asantewaa and her husband a happy marriage anniversary after she (Asantewaa) shared a video for celebration, nonetheless experienced a lot of backlash as a result of the post, with the view the of that; he’s still feeling bitter about that post.

According to a post sighted by hellovybes on Instagram (credit to Ghanafuo Ho Nsem), Cassious has finally revealed his real girlfriend on social media for the first time, despite dating rumors with Asantewaa.

In the video, he was blissfully jamming with his real girlfriend while having a great moment together, which sends a message to Thomas’s doubters.

Watch the video below

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It’s was media personalities Nana Aba,Serwaa and now here comes another one, Samuel Adu Frimpong popularly known as Medikal who also said to have gifted his tight buddy Shatta Wale with three new cars to support his Shaxi business 

A posted sighted by hellovybes on Shatta Wale’s official Instagram handle indicates that, the African dancehall king expended his gratitude to “La Hustle” hitmaker Medikal for gifting him three cars and his immense support during the Shaxi launch held at Alisa Hotel on December 8, 2021.

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The two were seen arriving in style for the event, dressed in all white and exquisite outfits that signify success. It was a hilarious moment at the launch when  Medikal and his wife Fella Makafui finished the event with either a prayer or a vote of thanks, (only known to them lol)

A post shared by Shatta Wale thanking Medikal

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Shatta Wale stated that Shaxi is not for him and his friends, but for Ghanaians, and that it is also not a profitable business as many people believe, but rather a tool to help the country’s unemployment. 

After few days of it’s launch, its has been recorded that, Shaxi is 45 percent less expensive than other modes of transportation.


We’ve chanced on a video on social media that has gone viral, showing that the bride and groom were distracted as they were ready to kiss each other at their wedding ceremony. 

In the video, the wedding officiant was going to conclude the ceremony, as is usual at weddings, by saying, “You may your bride.” 

The hilarious moment captured in the video is when wedding officiant telling the bride and groom to kiss each other at the end of the event.

The groom was dressed in all-blue-suit with tie looking stylish with nice haircut while gazing into the bride’s eyes.

The bride, on the other hand, was dressed in a white gown and looked stunning with her makeup.

As soon as the wedding officiant said, “You May Kiss Your Bride,” the wedding guests were excited and happy to see the newlyweds’ amazing side at the wedding ceremony.

The groom could be seen moving steadily, positioning himself and grasping the bride’s neck to kiss her. Unfortunately, an unknown wedding guest poured a whitish-foam material on both of their faces to prevent them from kissing.

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What would you do if this happens on your wedding day . Kindly share your candid opinion with us in the comment section below

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A video has surfaced online indicating that, Asantehene, Otumfuor Osei Tutu II, is being triggered at a gathering, trying to settle a dispute.

He was seen in the video looking enraged, and in the heat of the moment, he reminded everyone present that he controls more than 66 paramount chiefs. 

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When a Northener misbehaved directly in front of him, he let it be known, and from what we witnessed, he was not taking things lightly.

Some part of his reads ; “If Yaa Na is sitting in front you, you cannot do that, so don’t do that in front me”

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The Asantehene expressed his dissatisfaction with Kumasi’s recent power disruptions a few weeks ago. 

The Ashanti Kingdom’s overlord indicated in a recent submission that periodic power shortages have damaged most of his electrical appliances. 

“I’ve been suffering power interruptions recently,” Otumfuo Osei Tutu II claimed in his submission. The light flashes on and off without warning. Because of the outages, all of my appliances have been damaged.

During a courtesy visit to the Manhyia Palace, the renowned monarch made this submission while speaking with the Minister of Energy, Dr. Matthew Opoku Prempeh, who is also a member of Parliament for Manhyia South.

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