Cristiano Ronaldo Is Far Better Than Messi – Yaw Dabo Avers

Cristiano Ronaldo Is Far Better Than Messi - Yaw Dabo Avers

Ghanaian comic actor Yaw Dabo has said that, Cristiano Ronaldo is far better than Lionel Messi despite winning the 2022 World Cup with Argentina in Qatar.

Yaw Dabo, speaking on UTv Sports, chose Ronaldo over Messi, claiming that the former Manchester United forward is in a class of his own and no player can be compared to him.

According to him, the fact that Lionel Messi helped Argentina win the World Cup does not qualify him as the greatest football player on the planet.

Yaw Dabo emphasised that the Portuguese legend is the Greatest Footballer of All Time (GOAT), and much was expected of him to perform at a top level with Portugal at the World Cup because he is the world’s number one player, and people love watching him from all angles.

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When asked why Ronaldo couldn’t perform at the World Cup and his team was eliminated, Yaw Dabo explained that “ although Ronaldo did not win a silverware with Portugal at the World Cup, it does not detract from his legendary status because it is not an individual achievement, implying that “Otamendi cannot be better than Van Dyke because he has not won a World Cup”.

He argued that Cristiano Ronaldo remains the best footballer in the world, claiming that his huge social media following proves he is the greatest of all time.

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