• No one wishes to be imprisoned, yet there are some situations that arise unexpectedly .
  • A viral of young girl who sees her father for the first time from prison has got social media into talking
  • Her father paid her a surprised visit at school

 Heart melting video circulating online shows, a schoolgirl’s adorable reaction when her father paid her a surprise visit at school.

According to the report, her father was sentenced to many years in jail with hard labor when she was a kid.

Even though she was visiting him in prison with her mother but she had no hope of ever having someone in the house refer to him as a father.

Well, her father was released from jail and decided to surprise her by picking her up from school which she had not expected.

Emotional overflows as the young girl showed a priceless reaction as she sees her father hugging him for the first time in her life.

Watch the video below


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