Former French Footballer Eric Abidal to be questioned by police as part of investigation over an attacking case.

The defender he was allegedly involved in attacking Paris Saint Germain women’s Star Kheira Hamraoui

A Picture of Eric Abidal at Fc Barcelona (2018)
Eric Abidal who won 2 UEFA Champions League titles at Fc Barcelona

Every football lover will attest to the fact that; Eric Abidal is one of the calm players on the pitch even when playing for both the national team and football club Barcelona but seems something fishy is escalating in his camp.

The Former France and Fc Barcelona defender, Eric Abidal is now reportedly set to be interrogated by police over an alleged attack on Paris Saint-Germain women star Kheira Hamraoui.

Hamraoui 31, was attacked on November 4, while being driven home by PSG team-mate Aminata Diallo, 26, before two masked men stopped the car and beat her with iron bars that she required stitches
French media reported on Monday November 15, the attackers shouted ‘you like to sleep with married men‘ during the incident.

Midfielder Aminata Diallo who happen to be a direct rival with Hamraoui in the PSG team was arrested last week on suspicion of hiring the gangs to attack her. But now multiple sources in France claiming the incident have Abidal’s alleged involvement.

Le Monde claim the attack might have had something to do with alleged relations between Hamraoui and Abidal.The publication adds that the day after the attack Hamraoui called Abidal up and that investigators have since established that her phone is registered in Abidal’s name.

The 42-year-old Abidal has been married to his wife, Hayet Abidal, since 2003 and they have five children together. Le Monde say it is possible she could also be called upon as a witness. 

Abidal’s lawyer was contacted and said: ‘I have spoken with him, but for now I won’t tell you anything at all.’

When the pair got close to Hamraoui’s home, two masked men stopped the car and beat her with iron bars. The assault is thought to have lasted a few minutes, after which the men fled. Diallo was ‘detained’ by the two men during the assault but did not suffer any injuries, a club source told AFP.

Hamraoui was taken to hospital where she was given stitches in her legs and hands. She was unable to take part in PSG’s Champions League game with Real Madrid on Tuesday, with the club saying at the time that she sat the match out for ‘personal reason’s. Diallo started the match instead.

PSG confirmed last week Diallo had been taken into custody. A club statement said: ‘Paris Saint-Germain takes note of the police custody this morning of Aminata Diallo by the Versailles DRPJ as part of the procedure opened following an assault on Thursday last night against club players.

‘Paris Saint-Germain strongly condemns the violence committed. Since Thursday Evening November 4, the club has taken all the necessary measures to guarantee the health, well-being and safety of its players.

Paris Saint-Germain is working with the Versailles SRPJ to shed light on the facts. The club is attentive to the progress of the procedure and will study the follow-up to be given to it.’

Abidal played 67 times for France as a player and was a runner-up for his country in the 2006 World Cup. At Barcelona, he won four LaLiga titles and two Champions Leagues between 2007 and 2013.

He also played for French clubs Monaco, Lille, and Lyon across his playing career, as well as Greek side Olympiacos.


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