An unidentified young man who was arrested after being discovered to be a fake soldier has gone viral on the internet.

In the viral video, the man was seen sitting in a living room with five other people, one of whom appeared to be a military officer questioning the man, and a woman who had been a victim.

 Fake soldier shouts for his mother as he is busted for recruitment scam

The young man was questioned about whether or not he actually informed the woman that he recruited people for the armed forces.

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“Did you tell her you were a soldier and asked her to bring money so you could enlist her in the military. What is your rank ? – A soldier who wasn’t wearing a uniform questioned

When asked the questions, the young man fumbled and began to apologize, which prompted the officers to take action against him.

The guy begged the officers to be patient while he struggled with them to avoid being handcuffed:

“I beg you please be patient let me call my mother so we can solve this issue.”

“My brother is the MP for Ejisu and my mother is around so let’s call her and settle this issue”- he pleased further

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He made the decision to call his mother while they were struggling , but his phone was taken from him. The officers asked him where he acquired such uniform from after noticing that his mobile phone screensaver depicted him as wearing a uniform.

The suspect revealed that he was formerly a part of the group that underwent training in 2015 before being fired.

The angry officers quickly dragged him out of the room while the suspect insisted on making a call to his mother.

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