List of Ghanaian celebrities allegedly part of Illuminati members

List of Ghanaian celebrities allegedly part of Illuminati members

Ghanaian musicians like, Daddy Lumba, Sarkodie, Stonebwoy, Shatta Wale, Black Sherif have all been accused of being members of illuminati society.

Despite their exceptional talent, these Ghanaian celebrities are allegedly under the umbrella of illuminati to propel their careers and outshine rivals.

Meanwhile, Bishop Kwabena Boakye Asiamah, popularly known as Ajagurajah on a live video with his fans, revealed a list of the aforementioned celebrities.

In the viral video, Ajagurajah names Sarkodie, Stonebwoy, Shatta Wale, and Daddy Lumba, alleging that they are all involved and have this unparalleled spiritual protection that will enhance their careers.


Ajagurajah asserted that Sarkodie’s spiritual powers are mainly stem from his relationship with his wife, who leads him through difficult spiritual territory.

According to him, no misfortune can ever befall celebrated rapper Sarkodie due to his wife, Tracy Sarkcess.

Sarkodie performing at the history in the making concert in 2015

Sarkodie was initially linked to Illuminati after showing the society’s Triangle-eye symbol as a backdrop during his history in the making concert at the Appollo Theatre in Harlem, New York in 2015.

The BET Award-winning rapper received a lot of backlash from a section of Ghanaians after vowing not to show Illuminati signs after being questioned by fans.

Prior to the allegations levelled against him by certain Ghanaians, Sarkodie released a song titled “Illuminati” to refute such allegations in 2013.

Shatta Wale

Shatta Wale has been allegedly be part of illuminati members despite all his struggle and controversies surrounding him to have made a name for himself.

The founder of Ajajugah movement speaking about Shatta Wale’s involvement in the Freemasonry claimed that the SM boss is as hardcore in spirit as he is physically.

He added that, many musicians would have fallen if they had the number of scandals Shatta Wale had but he remains strong as ever due to his spiritual backings.

List of Ghanaian celebrities allegedly part of Illuminati members
Shatta Wale

Additionally, Shatta Wale is one kind of guy who likes jewelries which he always reveal the rationale behind him wearing those expensive items claim to have motivated his fans to work hard.

During the 2019 Vodafone Music Awards, a photo went viral on the internet seeing the dancehall musician wearing all-black suit with a chain having Illuminati triangle which he always wear during occasions.


Afro-dancehall musician Stonebwoy is also included on the list of Ghanaian celebrities who have allegedly joined the Illuminati group.

The “Therapy” hitmaker cautiously backed up claims that the legendary International Brotherhood, the Illuminati, existed in 2020. It’s unclear if he’s part of the society, but he shared a photo of himself trying to connect with nature near a waterfall in the Volta region and perhaps inspiration for his career.

Stonebwoy was spotted in the famous “triangular hand sign” pose that most people recognize as a member of the Brotherhood. For countless times, the “triangular hand sign” has been rumored to be the sign people use to identify or confirm their affiliation with an Illuminati society.

He was also spotted in another photo with the same symbol during an activation in his hood Ashaiman.  See the photos below.

Black Sherif

Black Sherif’s involvement with the brotherhood comes after the rapper was accused of being a member of the illuminati secret group following his debut show in the United States.

Blacko was seen performing on stage at the Palladium Times Square with an image appeared at the backdrop that was believed to be Baphomet like symbol which had Ghanaians talking and claimed it could be his secret to stimulating his career to the top.

Black Sherif Baphomet sign on stage at palladium Times Square
Black Sherif performing on stage at Palladium Times Square, USA

Black Sherif has five tattoos on his skin that have been linked to illuminati claims, despite his explanation to the public that they have nothing to do with the secret society.

Daddy Lumba

Legendary musician Daddy Lumba has been lebelled a Freemason member as a result of his disputes with other musicians in which he has never been vanquished, according Bishop Kwabena Asiamah.

Daddy Lumba

The singer’s feud with highlife artist Nana Acheampong is one of the greatest rivalries in the history of Ghana music. He recently had a fight with Gospel musician, Great Ampong but later squashed their beef.

His another feud with late Young Daddy Lumba born Anokye Supremo, who died following an successful surgery during their dispute, was intense, forcing the founder of the Ajagurajah movement to join the fray.

The leader of Universal Spiritual Outreach, who dragged Lumba into the equation of his alleged Illuminati involvement, claimed the ‘Aben Wo Ha’ hitmaker can not be defeated because of his spiritual assistance. Watch the video HERE

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