Latest Posts » Ghanaians outside don’t attend our shows, but they always pay to see Nigerian artists perform

Ghanaians outside don’t attend our shows, but they always pay to see Nigerian artists perform

Ghanaians outside don’t attend our shows, but they always pay to see Nigerian artists perform
Latest Posts » Ghanaians outside don’t attend our shows, but they always pay to see Nigerian artists perform

Fameye has ‘set the record straight’ says Ghanaians in diaspora prefer to support Nigerian artists rather than attending GH musicians’ shows.

He shed light on a major problem that Ghanaian artists face when they perform outside the country.

During his appearance on the Day Show, Fameye stated that Ghanaians living outside the country do not often attend their fellow countrymen’s gigs with the same enthusiasm and expectation that Nigerian artists’ performances elicit.

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“Since I blew up in 2019, I played shows in UK and America, I have gone with other people I have gone with and it didn’t pick for us. Even it would work for us , the Ghanaians have to be the majority there and even that, they are shy to tag along,” he revealed.

He also acknowledged that a majority Ghanaian audience is essential for a successful event, but even when the conditions were favourable, Ghanaians abroad remained hesitant to embrace their own musicians with the same zeal as international performers.

“Why do you think Ghanaians keep cancelling their shows, they don’t come. When Wizkid has a show, people seek permission from work four months prior to the show, they won’t do that for any Ghanaian artist. King Promise has been performing internationally for a long time now but Ghanaians have a problem, he further opined.

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The “Nothing I Get” singer also emphasised the change in dynamic between Ghanaian and Nigerian musicians.

He recalled how, in the past, Nigerian artists seek collaborations with Ghanaian artists in order to amplify their influence.

However, the tables have turned, and Ghanaian artists must now make an effort to feature Nigerian artists, as they believe that collaborations with Ghanaian artists won’t yield them with the recognition they need.

“Because our people, all of a sudden, it looks like it’s an intentional thing cos it was not lie that before, that was why the Nigerians used to feature us again but right now it is us chasing them to feature them because they don’t feel like they will get the mileage they want,” he hammered.

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His remarks come in the wake of surprising concert cancellations by two prominent Ghanaian musical talents, Sarkodie and Gyakie, across various UK and European locations. This occurrence piqued interest and generated queries among their fans in July 2023.

The absence of any official communication from the artists gave rise to speculation and inquisitiveness about the underlying reasons.

However, it was Alordia, a highly regarded music and event organizer based in the UK, who recently disclosed the actual rationale behind these cancellations.


Alordia Promotions clarified that the primary reason for calling off the concerts was the lower-than-expected ticket sales.

Fameye also shared his aspiration to establish a strong following both locally and internationally before embarking on a tour or live performance.

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“Right now if you call me to come to perform at Afronation Portugal I won’t go, I don’t have the people there. I want to work well so when I go, I can match up to the audience,” he said.

His submission, albeit surprising, underlined the challenges Ghanaian artistes face in gaining international recognition and airplay.

“I have to be prepared and I feel like I am not prepared because some so-called international artistes are unable to make the numbers when they travel out to perform,” he added as quoted by 3news

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