Racism between Africans and whites is one of the biggest factors dividing people all over the world, and it is primarily caused by physical or verbal harassment. 

Even though it has existed for many years since our forefathers, it is past time for both blacks and whites to change the perception in able to expel themselves of racial attitudes. 

In related news, a video has surfaced online depicting a white man being molested by black men at a petrol station.

According to hellovybes.com‘s independent checks and what we’ve gathered so far, the white man needed assistance with fuel at the service station, and the African guy intended to assist him. 

They misunderstood each other while assisting the white man, triggering the white man to refer to him as a “monkey”.

The fuel attendant was enraged by the white man’s statement, and he and his comrades began to beat him mercilessly.

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