A “wannabe” level 100 student of Ghana’s premier University Felicia Addy received the greatest shock of her life after an open invitation she put out was well honored by none other than commonwealth boys.

In a video making rounds on social media, the lady in question is seen comfortably extending an invitation to all to pay her a visit, she went further to mention her and also “ignorantly” put out her room number. 

Felicia received the shock of her life when quite a number of commonwealth boys decided to gladly honour her invitation. 

Unfortunately the very poor “wannabe” student couldn’t live to her invitation and had to resort to hide and seek tactics when the guys paid her a visit.

Hellovybes has picked up signal parents of the girl have expressed strong reservations over the actions of the commonwealth guys and have expressed a strong desire to sue them.

We shall duly update you on the how the drama unfolds

Watch the Video Below

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