How Aisha Huang Forged Marriage Certificate For Permit – See Witness

How Aisha Huang Forged Marriage Certificate For Permit - See Witness

The 11th prosecution witness in the trial of Aisha Huang has testified that the accused forged documents to obtain a residential permit.

According to the witness, Aisha Huang faked her marriage certificates to obtain visas Superintendent Divine Ahumah Ocansey of the Ghana Immigration Service (GIS).

Ms Huang has been charged with undertaking a mining operation without a licence, facilitating the participation of persons engaged in a mining operation, the illegal employment of foreigners and entering Ghana while she had been prohibited from re-entry.


Explaining further, Superintendent Ocansey told the Court that the accused, who is also known as En Huang, was admitted into the country on May 28, 2010, and was granted a 30 days visitor’s visa.

The witness noted that Aisha travelled in and out of the country on visitor’s visas until she obtained a dependent permit on November 25, 2010, as the wife of Mr Anthony Fabien, a Ghanaian.

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The dependent permit, he said, restricted the accused from working in the country but was renewed on April 28, 2015, when she obtained an indefinite residence permit as the wife of Anthony Fabien.

The 11th witness added that En Huang conducted mining operations at Bepotenten where she engaged the services of Lu Qi Jun, Gao Jin Cheng, Habin Gao and Zhang Zhipeng to mine at the mining site where the four Chinese nationals were arrested by the Obuasi GIS District Command on May 5, 2017.

Untrue Report

During investigations, the witness explained that Aisha told security officers that she was not mining but rather rendering mine support service to one Aunty Maggie at her concession at Bepotenten, adding: “But this was found to be untrue.”

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