“I Almost Passed On The Opportunity Because I felt I Wasn’t Worth It”- Sarkodie on Bob Marley Collaboration

“I Almost Passed On The Opportunity because I felt I Wasn’t Worthy”- Sarkodie on Bob Marley Collaboration

Sarkodie has spoken about his collaboration with Bob Marley on the “Stir It Up,” song which was released today, Friday, January 20, 2023. 

Responding to the news earlier on Thursday, the best rapper called the feature the “biggest highlight of his music journey.” 

In a new interview on +44 Podcast, Sarkodie explained how he landed on the historic collaboration with the legendary late reggae artist.

According to Sarkodie, when he and his management received the email about working with the legend Bob Marley on “Stir it Up,” he felt he was not the right person for the feature.

“When we had the email, I almost passed it on, just out of respect. I felt that I was not worthy to lay my vocals next to the legend. I was really hard on myself and my manager was like this is a big opportunity but because the artiste side of me is thinking more about the art and not the opportunity so I didn’t even listen to anything. I just felt I’m not right person to lay my vocals next to the legend,” he disclosed.

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Sarkodie claims to have changed his mind after hearing Bob Marley’s original vocals in the studio, a moment he describes as “spiritual.

“Then, they sent the record and we opened his vocals and this is his real vocals when he recorded it and I was listening to that in the studio, I captured it on camera because it was very spiritual at that moment,” he added.

The “Country Side” hitmaker admits he tried four different verses before choosing the right one because he felt the message in his lyrics had to be worthy of the legend. 

“I think I did like 4 verses snd I had to choose the right one. Everything I say, I’m like, I’m saying  next to Bob Marley, it feels like me and him in the booth. Like you can’t… there are few people that get me like that when I work with them, the man that inspired me to rap, Obrafuor, he’s a rapper, he’s never cursed, he’s never used profanity, and he was catering to the youth, I didn’t know how he was able to do that. I tried it but the new generation its hard to like keep it too censored, you wanna say stuff that you feel,” he concluded

This collaboration between Sarkodie and Bob Marley has become one of the biggest records Ghana has seen in the music industry.

The ‘Stir It Up’ song comes with music video which will also be drop today Friday 20th January 2023

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