Shatta Wale has finally broken his silence on court issues involving Deportee and Nana Dope.

This came when Deportee leveled an allegation against Shatta Wale that, he left him and Nana Dope in prison after getting himself a bail.

Shatta Wale in an interview with presenter Sammy Flex on Showbiz Agenda stated emphatically that he did not leave Deportee and Nana Dope in court in order for them to be put in prison.

“I Did Not Leave Them In Jail”- Shatta Wale Breaks His Silence Over Deportee & Nana Dope Court Issues (Video)
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According to him, he changed his plea from not guilty to guilty because he was decisive that the judge would sentence him for his crime, but his three other guys (Deportee, Nana Dope & Gangee) remained silent since they were headed in a different direction.

“We all in the court and ready for the judge to sentence me for my crime, I’ve made up my mind.

“We went there, they called all of us, raised my hands and said i want to change my plea from not guilty to guilty”

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“Then the judge said well i let me read your sentence to you. He started with the “On God” lyrics, it was beautiful and I was even crying.

“As i raised my hands, because they were in a different direction they thought that i went to the court to bail myself out. What if the judge had said; Okay what I’ve said it will take you to prison in 10 years with hard labor? — Shatta Wale said

He also emphasized that, because he raised his hands Nana Dope and Deportee  assumed that he went to the court to bail himself alone.

He continued by saying, he raised his hands at the court because he had made the decision to go to prison, and that Deportee and Nana Dope were still in court is because they had refused to raise their hands during court proceedings.

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