I Never Had A Erection After Wife My Died – Blakk Rasta

I Never Had A Erection After Wife My Died - Blakk Rasta

Ghanaian legendary reggae artist and radio presenter, Abubakar Ahmed, popularly known as Blakk Rasta, has made a shocking revelation about his sexual erectile dysfunction (ED) after his wife died in 2012

In an interview with presenter Kafui Dey on  GTV’s Breakfast Show on Thursday, December 9, 2021, Black Rasta said that he was unable to have an erection for about a year following the death of his wife.

Blakk Rasta revealed where he met his wife before she died while recounting the incident. He met his wife at a concert he played, and the two eventually married. He further said that they moved to Accra and later married. 

Blakk Rasta said that his wife complained about her health and was eventually diagnosed with an ulcer and given a specific diet to follow in order to stay safe.

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According to Blakk Rasta, after his wife’s condition worsened, he rushed her to the hospital, where she was told it wasn’t an ulcer, but rather appendicitis. He eventually returned to his father for local treatment for his wife, but she died two days after he arrived. 

Blakk Rasta revealed he met his late wife at a concert he played, exchanged pleasantries, got involved with each other and later moved to Accra to finally settle down with her legally. He claimed that everything was gone to the point where he wondered if he would ever have an erection again.

“At a point I was even asking if this will ever rise again or fire again ???”
“Certain things happen to us, no matter how manly you are, you become effeminate”— he said

Blakk Rasta went further and concluded that, he can now have a powerful erections without any setbacks. watch the below.


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