I Told My Boyfriend I Missed My Period, He Said I Don’t Have Blood – Young Lady Cries Out

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A Nigerian lady has taken to social media to call out her boyfriend for her to eat some vegetables (veggies) after she told him she missed her monthly flow.

The young lady claimed that, he made the comment when she told him that she had missed her period and hadn’t seen her menstrual period. 

The woman, who seems upset, said she didn’t understand why her boyfriend identified as Paul would say she missed her period because she didn’t have enough blood in her system.

She added that she does not understand why her boyfriend would say something like, “Eat more vegetables,” to her. 

“But are you are goat! Are you okay because why will I be telling this guy that he is my boyfriend” or you supposed to be my boyfriend that I did not see my period”

“And the way he was telling me that,is because is don’t have blood, I should go and eat vegetables— the angry young lady said in the video

Netizens who have watched the video are accusing the man of being sacrilegious by making jokes with the woman, while others think they are pleading with her not to become overly upset.


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