If You Want To Date, Forget Marriage, Childbearing, And Dare Not Tell Me “I Love You” – Princess Shyngle

If You Want To Date, Forget Marriage, Childbearing, And Dare Not Tell Me "I Love You" - Princess Shyngle Listed
Princess Shyngle

Gambian actress and socialite, Princess Shyngle has listed terms and conditions for men who want to date her following her multiple divorces.

The actress has revealed that she despises marriage because her marriage failed, leaving her with no desire to marry and refusing to date with that intention.

You may recall that Princess Shyngle’s marriage ended nearly two years ago after only two months after she married one guy named Fred Badji, and it ended in 2019. She found love again in her childhood friend Bala-Gaye, with whom she married in 2021 and divorced the same year.

However, taking to social media, the model stated emphatically, that the idea of getting married again makes her nauseous and that she will not do so again.

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Despite the facts that she won’t marry again, Shyngle said she is open to dating but it will be done by her rules.

According to her, men who are interested in her must be ready to shower her with expensive gifts, pay her bills, and constantly be there for her. She would not care about extra women being around him.

Princess Shyngle’s clumsy items or terms and conditions, she wrote in an Instagram post:

“The thought of me ever getting married again makes me sick to the stomach. I don’t ever want to get married again. So if we are dating, don’t be calling and texting me every day, once a week is good.”

She also added that, If she should date any man, introductions to family members are prohibited, and proposing to her may be the last time she hears in her life, resulting in the end of the relationship.

“Do not ever introduce me to any of your friends or family members. Do not date try to propose to me because that will be the very last time you will ever hear from me again”- She said 

Princess Shyngle emphasized that it doesn’t matter how hoax one is, but she prefers responsible people who pay her bills and purchase her expensive gifts while still supporting her career aspirations.

“I don’t care if you’re bisexual; you can cheat on me with men and women and I don’t care as long as you’re paying me bills, supporting my dreams, giving me good D, buying me expensive things… I will be happy.”

“I’m not interested in having kids so feel free to have as many baby mama’s as you want, Lastly, do not ever post me on social media or tell me you love me.”

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