Ghanaian media personality Bridget Otoo has compiled a list of qualities she seeks in the guy she would marry.

Bridget Otoo is one of the trolled Ghanaian female celebrities that are mocked for being single despite their celebrity status.

The opinionated celebrity took to Twitter to reveal her desire to eventually settle down, but only if she can find the man of her dreams. 

Bridget Otoo described the man of her dreams as someone who is prepared to cook and clean the house 24 hours a day. 

In a funny tweet, Bridget Otoo stated that she will marry a Ghanaian man who can perform all of these things without hesitation.

Some of her internet fans offered themselves for the job but questioned what they would get in return, while others simply branded her lazy and suggested that her assertion was the reason she had remained single for so long.

See some reactions from fans to her tweet below

I can not only clean and cook 24/7 but I can also carry you on my back and go round the house when you are stressed after a hard day at work, massage your feet and spoon feed you anytime you so wish.

Twitted by @katadavies

Hello Bridget, my mum used to tell me the lady who will marry be will be very lucky. I can cook, clean, feed and take care of our child. Look no further cos I’m here for you

Twitted by @mr_wemz

Sister, If you really want to marry I don’t think you have to come here and broadcast it over here, please put your eyes on the ground and look for what you want. And be nice to those you don’t respect and recognize……

Twitted by @ExdaryB

In the part of GHANA, I come from, mothers used to warn their daughters that it would be very disgraceful if their husbands should ship their soups in a bottle to their in-laws. Seems Ghana has changed into the very & instant MODERN world. Anyway, most chefs are men.

Twitted by @august4551

Then prepare to stay single for life because cooking and cleaning 24/7ithe responsibility of wife’s not husband’s. Men can help once a while So change your mentality

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