Avraham Ben Moshe has reacted to a video in which he was caught as having a sexual relationship with someone’s wife.

In reaction to the video , Avraham took to social media adamantly denying that, contrary to reports, he had been caught having a sexual encounter with a married woman.

Please Forgive Me, It’s Was A Mistake - Avraham Ben Moshie Finally Reacts To Video Of Sleeping With A Married Woman
A photo of Avraham Ben Moshe

According to the common sense family leader, the woman they claim to be someone’s wife is actually his baby mama, and when he went to visit his child to give him some gifts for his birthday, he was wrongly accused of having an affair with a married woman.

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“laws don’t work in this country that’s why I’m quiet. I accept, all CSF members should forgive me. If you see a caption that says I have taken (slept with) someone’s wife/girlfriend, it is true. I went out to look for women and a mishap happened. I am not here to do any damage control” – Avraham said.

Avram Ben Moshe also claimed that his baby mama’s new boyfriend made a mistake in accusing him of having an extramarital affair because of his personal animosity toward him.

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The Free-Thinker bragged that he is a slay king and has enough of ladies to occupy his bed whenever he desires sex.

Many of his followers started to unfollow him until he clarified after the false report went viral on social media

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