Marriage has become so fashionable in recent years that people would enter and exit at any time because they lack the patience to endure the difficult times. 

A Nigerian lady narrated how her friend was going to marry and had to call off the wedding after finding out her fiancé’s mother was in the house.

She Wrote;

“So my friend’s wedding, which was meant to take place on December 26th, was canceled since her fiance said his mother had decided to move in with them after their marriage.” Her fiance’s family lives in Abuja, and her fiance’s personal home is also in Abuja, just a 20-minute drive away.

She told him it wasn’t right, but she didn’t take it seriously until last week, when they went to set up some items and she realized the mother had already moved some of her belongings in. Omo!! 

The daughters told the girl that she had no right to tell their mother where she should live. Her own family advised her to quit it before things became more complicated, claiming that the situation had escalated into a raging fire and that her fiance couldn’t seem to make decisions.

I paid $10,000 for Ashoebi stuff just to hear her say she was canceling the wedding. “What in the name of God is this?” (sic)

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