To discourage citizens from following the totalitarian leader Kim Jong-Un fashion un’s taste, North Korea has made it illegal to wear leather trench coats.

The leather coat was first worn by Kim Jong-un in December 2019, when he met with Donald Trump to discuss North Korea’s nuclear weapons.

According to a Pyongsong local, the coats have been popularized by Kim Yo-jong, Jong-sister, un’s who has been seen wearing one.

The coat has subsequently become a symbol of power among North Korean elites who wanted to demonstrate their devotion to the Supreme Leader and could afford real leather.

It was learned that real leather coats imported from China were worn by wealthy individuals who could afford them, but soon after, garment manufacturers began importing imitation leather to manufacture them in the United States.
According to the source, who requested anonymity, Radio Free Asia reported:

“Now the leather coat has become a symbol for powerful women too.

“As leather coats began to be recognised as a symbol of power, private clothing merchants asked trading company officials to import synthetic leather since September of this year.

“They copied the design of the leather coats worn by the Highest Dignity and the officials and now they are being sold in the marketplace.”

To put a stop to the imitations, fashion police have been deployed to raid stores selling leather trench coats and seize them from customers, citing concerns that “it cheapens Kim’s style and undermines his authority.” Wearing garments made to seem like the Highest Dignity’s is a ‘impure trend to question the Highest Dignity’s authority,’ according to police.

They advised the public not to wear leather coats since it’s part of the party’s order to pick who can wear them, according to a source who spoke to Radio Free Asia.

According to the outlet, knock-off replicas of the garment first appeared in September of this year, when illicit trade between China and North Korea was restored following the Covid pandemic shutdown.

However, since the early 2000s, when smuggled South Korean films were in circulation, leather jackets have been a popular fashion choice in North Korea.

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