Ghana-based Nigerian Businessman and Godfather of Shatta Wale, Ike Livingston Abani has passed away.

Blogger “Aba The Great” first shared the news of Abani’s death on Instagram with the caption; “Later last year, we landed on a video where Mr. Livingston who we believed had become a pastor, was seen casting out demons.. swipe for the video… May his soul Rest In Peace…”

Abani, the CEO of Madhaus Entertainment, rose to fame on internet about two years ago after a Snapchat gossip account claimed that he had HIV.

According to the anonymous Snapchat account, he had relationships with two female celebrities Tiffany and repented Moesha Boduong.

Livingston Ike Abani, the CEO of Madhaus Entertainment and Shatta Wale’s godfather has died.
A photo Livingston Ike Abani

In order to prove that he is HIV-Negative, Abani later shared a photo of a test result from MDS Lancet Laboratories Ghaba Limited, dated February 19, 2019.

He then urged the public to disregard the rumor and urged the source of the false information to stop being a coward and publicly refute the accusations made against him.

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Later that year, when a purported video allegedly depicted him casting demons, he was said to have become a pastor. He refused to comment on the report to ascertain whether it was true.

Same year 2019, Abani reportedly gave Shatta Wale a brand-new 2017 Toyota Fortuner after a huge crowd surrounded his mansion. However, African dancehall king Shatta Wale is yet comment about his Godfather’s sudden death.

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