Young man who is believed to have a Ghanaian background (name upheld) asked for Local Ghanaian foods in Chinese Restaurant.

A video sighted by hellovybes indicates that, the young man was seriously starving and had no option than to eat the food of his choice asking the restaurant if they could serve him with iced kenkey and “Konkontè”.

“Do you have ice kenkey mixed with groundnut, Do you have “konkontè” here too’, the man asked angrily.

All the waitresses were shocked if they could perfectly understand what the man was asking so that they can provide him with the food of his choice.

“Kokonte” is an African food made from cassava flour and mainly eaten in Ghana, Togo and others. Kokonte is also known as “Face The Wall” in Ghana 

“Ice Kenkey” a popular Ghanaian dessert made from a fermented cornmeal. The Kenkey always has to be blend with water and sugar.


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