Whoever thinks or thought true love doesn’t exist, has not found him or herself in the better side of love and would’ve been swimming in the bitter side of love.

In the world of Suleiman, true love has been his savior if not, he would’ve found himself in the midst of  death.  

This is somebody who tasted death through colon cancer reduced to vegetable could virtual do anything and least expected anyone. 

to come to his aid not even his family but then love proved to him once again,that there are people who can stand with others no matter the situation.

Suleiman was dying of colon cancer, but God was so good to him that he survived and married a woman who stuck by him throughout his ordeal.

His friend Chigozie Effe who stood by him shares his testimony;

“Christ is indeed the King and am glad to be part of this testimony in the life of Suleiman who is now married to the lady of his dreams and who stood by him in his dark moments . 

Suleiman suffering from on hospital bed

Photo 1: Shows Suleman dying of Colon Cancer at the University of Jos Teaching Hospital . He was abandoned to his fate but Christ never abandoned him.

Suleiman in an interview after discharged from hospital

Photo 2: The Street Journalist having an interview with Suleman at his residence in Jos. He was in dire pain while speaking to me. However, the interview brought him to limelight as over 3 million Naira was raised for him. 

Journalist with Suleiman after second surgery

Photo 3: Shows Suleiman and The Street Journalist shortly after his second surgery at his apartment in Jos. 

Suleiman and his wife

Photo 4: Shows Suleman and his wife at their wedding ceremony that took place at Living Faith Church, Jos North, Plateau State.

They are now Mr and Mrs Suleiman Momoh and Sulieman is hale and hearty now 

This is the end of my testimony. To God be the glory !!!

Last line 

Dear men, if you are looking for woman to marry the likes of this woman should be your focus . Yes, despite the kickbacks from friends knowing that her man is dying she held on to him and took care of him.”

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