Man Uncovers How Trotro Mate Hids His ‘Chobo’ In Orange Fruit Before Sending Sales To His Driver.


A young man has discovered how a trotro driver’s conductor, also known as ‘Mate,’ hid his ‘chobo’ from the daily sales to feed his curiosity.

The young man who is identified as Kofi A Clement, revealed in a Facebook post that, the Mate had been always dropping an orange fruit in a gutter after he and his driver had been closing from work.

According to him, he has been a vigilante since then, keeping his eyes wide open with the mate, but the orange always vanish the next morning while joggling.

In his narration, he said one-day he took the orange from the gutter not knowing the mate has parked his “chobo” money in the fruit ready for pick up.

In his own words : 

I usually sit up there on the third floor of our story building and watch this mate display a certain skills around 6pm each evening, when they’ve come to give out their sales and to park the car where the owners lives 

This driver -Gnate will drop something like a full orange inside the gutter when they are about entering the owner’s house and before day breaks, when i am on jogging, i check and the orange has disappeared.

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 “So this evening he came, stood and faced the gutter as if going to urinate, then sharp, he dropped the seeming orange there. To kill my too much curiosity, i went down, picked up what he dropped and guess what was inside.. He had created a hole, packed some nchobo inside banku rubber bi and fixes it very tight inside the hole created in the orange 

“As a responsible citizen, i don’t want our getters to get chocked so i picked up the orange and then see how much money he has inside there, Ghc in that case, if he should tear 89cedis for 6 day, through aaa, till the end of the month, he earns more money than what the owner receives. Sika no koraa, aka me nsa mu mpo… I don’t know sE, me nko di ana se me nfa mma no mpo……..may confuse


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