Ghanaian broadcast journalist Captain Smart and his employers Media General have issued a strong statement condemning the Ghana Police Service following the release of the brave journalist from police custody. 

The anti-corruption campaigner Captain Smart was invited by Officers from the National Investigations Bureau (NIB) at 11:00 a.m. on Thursday, after which he was taken to the Nima Police Station in Accra for an interrogation .

According to a press release from the Ghana Police Service, Captain Smart was apprehended because of certain explosive remarks he allegedly made on live television that jeopardized the country’s peace and security.

In response to all of this, Media General claims that there is a growing crackdown on tolerance through the use of governmental authority against journalists. 

The company said in a statement on Thursday, December 2 that the recent trend has harmed journalists who work for Media General and are merely performing their jobs, and that they, like every Ghanaian, should be protected by the Constitution.

They said ;

“Today’s arrest and detention of Captain Smart is by no means an isolated incident, but just one more egregious example of the intolerance increasingly creeping into the Ghanaian society. We are convinced that a careful review of the entire statement made by Captain Smart would reveal that it did not amount to threats to the peace and or stability of the country as claimed by the Ghana Police

See the statement released by Media General below

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