Meet Jordan Ayew Son, Liam “The Next Ghana Messi” – Bio, Age, Career, Skills & More

Meet Jordan Ayew Son, Liam “The Next Ghana Messi” - Bio, Age, Career, Skills & More

Meet Jordan Ayew Son, Liam “The Next Ghana Messi” – Age, Career, Skills & More – This article talks about the Jordan Ayew’s son, Liam. Before we proceed to it, let’s discuss about Jordan’s personal and professional life including his career, parents, for us to know more about him.

Who is Jordan Ayew?

Jordan Pierre Ayew is a Ghanaian professional footballer who currently plays for Crystal Palace in the English Premiere League. He is the son of the legendary former Ghanaian captain, Abedi Pele and the sibling of two talented players, André Dede Ayew and Ibrahim Ayew.


Jordan born on September 11, 1991 was raised in Marseille, France, where he began his football career with Lyon Duchère before eventually joining the famed Marseille academy in 2006.

Jordan Ghana Blackstars
Jordan Ayew playing for Ghana the Black Stars

Jordan Ayew International Career

He made his international debut in 2010, when he proudly wore the Ghana national team jersey, embarking off a wonderful journey. Jordan has earned an impressive 90 caps over his career, demonstrating his dedication and skills on the field.

Jordan’s most notable international moment was on September 5, 2010, when he made his senior debut for Ghana in a 3-0 victory against Swaziland during the 2012 AFCON Qualification match at the Somhlolo National Stadium in Lobamba, Swaziland.

His participation in two FIFA World Cups (in 2014 and 2022) and five Africa Cup of Nations tournaments (in 2012, 2015, 2017, 2019, and 2021) helped Ghana’s football success, with the team finishing runners-up in the 2015 edition.

Jordan Ayew Parents

He is the son of Maha Ayew and Abedi Pele, and his maternal grandfather, Alhaji A.A. Khadir, is from Lebanon, giving his ancestry a unique flavour. Jordan Ayew’s personal life is deeply rooted in familial relationships and cultural heritage, in addition to his football prowess.

Jordan Ayew Siblings

Jordan Ayew has two brothers-and-football-playing siblings. They are Andre Dede Ayew and Ibrahim Ayew.

The Ayew family has a strong sports pedigree with his father, uncles Kwame and Sola, all having made their mark as current or past professional players. His half sister named Imani Jordan has also contributed to the family’s sporting history.

Jordan Ayew Religion, Nationality, Ethnicity

Jordan Ayew’s faith, as a practising Muslim, is a significant part of his identity. This belief system has an impact on his life both on and off the pitch, driving his actions and decisions. Jordan holds both French and Ghanaian citizenship. He is Muslim by ethnicity.

Jordan Ayew Wife

In matters of the heart, Jordan Ayew found love in Denise Acquah, with whom he married in a pleasant union. Their marriage has been blessed with the arrival of two beautiful children, who have added even more joy and meaning to his life.

Jordan Ayew Children

Jordan Ayew is the father of two kids, Liam, the eldest of whom is 11 years old, and Kiki, the youngest of whom is 9 years old.

Liam, Jordan, Kiki and Denise

Jordan Ayew’s life story is an inspiring one of talent, devotion, and strong familial ties, and he serves as a role model for aspiring football players all over the world. With his contributions to both club and country, he has surely etched his place in footballing history. Keep reading as we are about to discuss about his son.

Jordan Ayew Net Worth

Jordan has an estimated net worth of $2- $3 million. His source of income comes from football, promotions, endorsement and ambassadorial deals.

Meet Jordan Ayew Son Liam “The Next Ghana Messi” – Bio, Age, Career, Skills & More

Ghanaian footballing legacy is likely to continue with the Ayew family, and the latest prodigy, nine-year-old Liam, the son of Jordan Ayew, is causing quite a stir in the football world.

The Ayew family has been a driving force behind Ghana’s football skill, with a lineage that includes football greats like Abedi, Solar Ayew, and Jordan Ayew.

The Ayew Family: Jordan, Abedi Pele, Andre and Ibrahim
The Ayew Family: Jordan, Abedi Pele, Andre and Ibrahim

As Jordan Ayew and Andre Ayew near the end of their successful careers, its attention shifts to young Liam Ayew, who appears destined to carry on the family legacy and become the next face of Ghana football.

In a viral video, Liam shows off his remarkable football talents, fearlessly taking on his father’s peers, including his uncle Andre Ayew, and stunning everyone.

Liam performs brilliant movements with his left foot like “Messi”  in the video, outsmarting two defenders with a clever deception before setting up his father’s big brother and Black Stars captain, Andre Ayew.

The game was held at Nania Park, and it featured current and former football stars such as Muniru Sulley, Mubarak Wakaso, and Afriyie Acquah, who gathered for all-star matches to stay in shape.

Ghana has been on the lookout for great dribbling talents, and Liam Ayew’s abilities provide a ray of hope for the country.

With his talent, he may be wearing the national team jersey in five years. If all goes as expected, Razan Ayew will be the third generation of the Ayew family to achieve football royalty status, with a global reputation.

It’s worth mentioning that Liam Ayew is already making progress in his football career, having apparently joined a UK-based football academy. With such a strong foundation, it’s just a matter of time before he storms the football globe and follows in the footsteps of his great forefathers.”

Who is Liam?

He is the son of Denise Acquah and Ghanian football player Jordan Ayew. He was born in France in 2012 but was raised in England after his father moved there to pursue his football career.

Jordan Ayew son Liam
Jordan Ayew and Liam

Liam is currently playing in the U-11 academy young division in England as a skimmer for the team. Although his exact position is unknown, he has been labelled “The next Ghana Messi” due to his abilities.

Liam in Ghana
Jordan Ayew son and Mubarak Wakaso, the former black stars player,

He has curly, black hair that is held up with a sweat band and has some golden glows, making it easier and more enjoyable for him to play on the pitch.

Liam at Nania Park in Ghana
Liam at Nania Park in Ghana

Since his video of him surfaced on the internet which he was seen exhibiting his talent has gotten Ghanaians into talking and excited as many hopes he will wear Ghanaian jersey few years to surface.

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