Meet Nigerian Man Who Make GHS500 A Day By Wearing Suit To Sell ‘Abolo’

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A Nigerian man is making a name and fortune for himself by the unique way he dresses to sell abolo on the street.

Eteng, from the southern Nigerian state of Uyo said that he dresses in that manner to entice people to buy his food. 

He said that he used the proceeds from the product to pay his school fees while in secondary school, and that he sold it for another person before starting his own

The tray on his head identifies him; otherwise, he could be mistaken for a banker who works in one of the top banks in Nigeria.

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24-year-old Eteng from Uyo in Akwa Ibom State wears a neat suit and well-fitted tie daily as he goes to work hawking corn flour jello, popularly called abolo in Ghanaian languages.

The, abolo carefully wrapped and placed on the tray on his head, sells for N100 each and he has GH₵500 worth on it.

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