Most Of GH Artistes Are Broke Because GHAMRO Does Not Pay Them Royalties – Kwaw Kese

Most Of GH Artistes Are Broke Because GHAMRO Does Not Pay Them Royalties - Kwaw Kese

Hip Life musician Kwaw Kese has said that most Ghanaian Musicians have gone broke because of Ghana Music Rights Organization (GHAMRO) failure to pay them with royalties.

The MadTime boss took to his verified Twitter account to express his displeasure with GHAMRO, claiming that in his 20 years in the music industry, despite years of releasing songs, he has never received any royalties from GHAMRO.

He believes that no artist can survive if they are not supported by the music industry; thus, they have been funding their own projects in order to lay the groundwork for a viable musical career.

“20 years of doing music in Ghana and never got paid any royalties. You rather have to pay Djs to play your music, pay tv to show your videos , bloggers to blog your content and press media to give you press. How can you survive this industry by financing all these by urself ? — Kwaw Kese asked

He also mentioned how artists and music producers in other countries are receiving royalties after releasing a hit song as a result of effective mechanisms put in place in their industry.

“Elsewhere somewhere my friend produced one song for a musician and has made over 2 million dollars for producing the song. Down here you only get paid with insults and disrespect. Release a song today and tomorrow they’ll be asking when are you releasing a new song” – he said

When highlighting how artistes cope without royalties, Kwaw Kese claimed that most of his colleague artistes are penniless and in financial trouble, but they are unable to speak due to social media pressure and their phoney lifestyles.

“Don’t release a song in a year and they’ll say your time pass lol. Release a song and they’ll say it’s not a hit song. I bet a lot of our musicians are not getting paid but social media pressure ntsi they will smile on social media and cry at home. More are broke” – he claimed

The “Let Me Do My Thing” singer went further and say that there is no love in the music industry, and that musicians are continuously fighting to get rid of one another.

“There’s no love in the industry because most of us musicians are bitter with each other. We’ll do whatever to bring each other down. Event organizers take advantage of that and manipulate the system in a way that if you’re not on their platform, it means your career is over”- he concluded.


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