An anonymous lady has taken to social media to express her worries and seek help from others.

According to her, her boyfriend perform well in bed when he takes medicine, which implies he lasts for thirty minutes or more when he takes medicine before sleeping with her. 

On the other hand, when her boyfriend does not take the drug, she claims he does not last even five minutes. 

The lady stated that, she enjoys it more when her boyfriend lasts longer, but she feels cheated when he lasts less than ten minute

She went further seeking for help if there is any other solution for her boyfriend without taking alcohol as his sex booster

In narrating her ordeal about her boyfriend she said;

“Auntie Abena, my boyfriend always drinks before we have sex and can lasts for more than 30 minutes. When he doesn’t drink he lasts for 5-7 mins which doesn’t satisfy me.

” I don’t like him drinking so please i want to ask the men here what he can take to last long without drinking alcohol.Also if it can make him go 1 hour i will be ok. Thanks

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