My Late Girlfriend Inspired To Record Oh Paradise – Black Sherif

My Late Girlfriend Inspired To Record Oh Paradise - Black Sherif

Black Sherif has finally spoken out about the story of his late girlfriend, which inspired him to record his song “Oh Paradise” from “The Villain I Never Was.” 

In an interview with DJ NY on YFM’s Aryse and Shyne, Black Sherif revealed how his first girlfriend, Clementina Kunadu died in 2017 during their Senior Secondary School. 

According to Black Sherif, the incident at Kumasi Academy SHS was very sad and painful for him to lose someone he dearly loves to the bone, but he doesn’t have any choice until he calms down his grief and gets better in the meantime.

In recounting the tragic ordeal, Black Sherif stated that it was not only his girlfriend who died at the time, but also his closest friend who was sleeping on top of him in the dorm, during the KUMACA disease outbreak in the school.

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He went on to explain how and why he recorded the “Oh Paradise” song on the “Villain I Never Was album, claiming that Clementina was the only one who made him fall in love, and her death heartbroken him.


When asked why he should fall in love at SHS, Black Sherif stated that he has a special connection with Clementina and that he needs to record the “Oh paradise” song that he wrote in 2021 because he doesn’t want to forget the memories she shared with him. 

He went on to say that even though he has many songs to record in 2022 that will be included on the album, he chose the Oh Paradise song because it holds a special place in his heart. 

He went on to express his condolences to the family of his late girlfriend as well as anyone else who had lost a loved one during that period.


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