My reception in Ghana convinced me to change my nationality – Tariq Lamptey

My reception in Ghana convinced me to change my nationality - Tariq Lamptey
Tariq Lamptey

Blackstars defender Tariq Lamptey has revealed that the love he experienced during his first visit to Ghana in 2022 convinced him to change his nationality.

Lamptey, who currently plays for Brighton & Hove Albion, had represented England at youth level before choosing to play for Ghana.

In an interview with The City Breakfast Show, Lamptey expressed his gratitude for the warm reception he received in Ghana and admitted that it influenced his own decision-making process.

He said there were many factors in his decision to play for the Blackstars, but the turning point was the incredible feeling he felt interacting with Ghanaians during his foundation works.. 


“It was a number of things that went into it but one of them was when I was doing my charity foundation last summer, and you see the people and the amazing feeling that they give you. So that obviously made the decision.

“To be fair you don’t know what to expect when you come, and it was that time of the decision and like I said it was amazing, and I’m always grateful.”

“Lamptey also credited his Black Stars colleagues for his seamless transition into the senior National team and promised better things for the team in the coming years.

“It was amazing, we have a very good team, we have a mixture of some great players in Europe, it was very easy, it was like a family, and we know what we can do.”

Lamptey, who was injured late in the season, is currently in Ghana doing charity work. The Brighton defender will host some team as part of a charity work and take certain players through coaching courses and basic football training.

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