Hungry delivery guy could not control his hunger as he is being captured on camera tasting the food that customer had ordered.

A video circulating online that shows a terrible scene of a delivery guy eating the food that the customer have ordered.

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In the viral video, the guy could be seen parking his car at the side of the road while wearing his attire and picking up KFC food with his bare hands.

According to hellovybes, the video scene leaves us wondering if it was the customer’s food.

Other social media users have commented on the video, suggesting that the customers may have also dashed him the food.

Watch the video below


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Below are some of the reactions and comments from Netizens about delivery guy’s video

iam_celebrity_barber :
oh really

sirpapab : True. At least, if it’s for someone else, he was tasting it to see if its dangerous

jnm_impressions : Why does it feel like this was happened to my pizza

anita_anaaba : What if it his food

Jefferszn: Herr 😂

aayanan : KFC usually seals the paper bag for food delivery through glovo.The food in this video is probably his.

Tutuelsie: Chale hunger is real in the system oo

Shandy_adepa : it’s could be it’s his own food

Jaymanney: I said it the rider take some of the fries from my order. I hope that’s not him.

theo_veep : Aaah why delivery guys can’t buy KFC.

SOURCE: hellovybes

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