‘Never Return To Ghana, Even If I Die – Father Warns Traveling Son Who Gets Scholarship In UK

'Never Return To Ghana, Even If I Die - Father Warns Traveling Son Who Gets Scholarship In UK

Ghanaian father has warned his son to leave the country permanently due to the country’s terrible economic situation. 

In a phone conversation with TV3 Ghana’s Johnnie Hughes, the Ghanaian father stated emphatically that he had convinced his son, who has been admitted on scholarship to a foreign university, to never return to Ghana under any circumstances. 

According to the Father, he has told his son not to return to Ghana even if he dies as a father, but rather to stay abroad due to the current economic crisis.

“I told him that anyone who will ever tell him to come down even for a funeral is a witch or wizard. He should stay there and marry a woman in that land and raise his children there,” he further mentioned.

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The father concluded by expressing that he made this decision because he saw little hope for the country’s future. 

Netizens who watched the video shared their thoughts on what the man told his son, with some agreeing with him and others opposing his decision to allow his son fly out of the country.

@Tungbani Korsanye Adam commented : My girlfriend was always on my neck 4 me to come home (Ghana) and then I send her cedis 5k and she told me not to come again and that Ghana is very hot. 

@Chi Di also said : The dream is to leave Ghana and keep praying for Ghana.

@Samuel Asante-Nnuro also said : It’s bad advice .! Your home is ur home .! You need to always think of what you can do to help your motherland.! If everyone left Ghana and left behind the old, frail and children, who will be developing this country? There is nothing wrong with going abroad to add value to yourself and giving back to your country .! But to advise people never to return is wrong .!

@Kingsley Flexible : Hmmmm… Tears in my eyes. It’s so sad! It’s unfortunate advice but then you can’t blame him! Ghana is in tatters. That’s the reality! 😢

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