A lady who shared Patapaa’s photo and caused a stir on social media has received a severe warning from him in new video.

Patapaa’s trending picture

In response to his viral photo, the one corner hitmaker blasted a lady who is thought to be named Queen star for posting his picture online so that internet users might make fun of him

According to Patapaa, he was informed by his manager that Queen Star’s uncle had edited the photo before he awoke the next morning to see it all over social media.

He continued by insulting Queen Star and her Uncle for posting the picture online without his knowledge.



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However, netizens have warmly received news about Nana Agradaa and her husband.As the couple gives strong signals about a reunion.

Speaking of differences, the pair appears to have decided to take baby measures toward overcoming them despite having had enough of them.
The couple’s reunion has shocked the internet because the underlying issues appear to be alive and well.

Nana Agradaa clearly ranted in the name of love, therefore there is no doubting that she loves her husband.

Netizens are excited for their marriage’s future after this development partially heals her shattered heart.

Many people would be interested in learning the truth about the accusations Nana Agradaa made against her husband.

In her battle to keep her husband, she also tarnished the reputations of his friends, for which she has not yet expressed regret.

These are only a few of the many reasons why internet users might not be sure that this reunion will last a lifetime.

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